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The director/supervising ACO at the North Jersey HS Shelter, Vincent Asolese, has been fired after being charged with 14 counts of animal cruelty. An August inspection report of the facility describes sub-standard conditions and says that Asolese slit the throat of a fawn who was impounded on June 29, letting her bleed to death.

Lost Dogs of Wisconsin explains why a proposed bill which reduces the holding period for lost pets in shelters is harmful. (Thanks Clarice.)

AC seized 11 dogs and puppies from what they claim to be a “hoarding situation” in Lacey, Washington. The dogs shown in the video appear to be in good condition, despite the allegation that some of them were being starved. I know nothing about this case beyond the few details provided in the article but it’s problematic when authorities toss around the “hoarding” label without careful consideration.

After children were seen taunting a beloved neighborhood stray dog in Michigan and violent threats were made against him, a feral dog sanctuary took him in.  The article gives you a glimpse into the process of how feral dogs are acclimated to people over time at the sanctuary with the end goal being adoption.

1700 wild horses, bought for $10 each from the Bureau of Land Management by a single buyer, were sold to slaughter in Mexico at a high profit.  The government declined to prosecute.  (Thanks Terri.)

This piece may give you a new appreciation of pigeons.

Treats on the Internets

Volunteers with the HS of Marion Co in Florida left a dog named Rollin in a hot transport van for hours, causing his death.  The director told the local news it was an accident as the driver thought there was only one dog in the van (when in fact there were two) so believed it was ok to park the vehicle after one dog had been removed.  The director says protocol changes will be implemented as a result of the death, one of which may be requiring volunteers to look in all the van’s cages to confirm they aren’t leaving any dogs.  (Thanks Clarice for the link.)

On September 18 in Washington D.C., the Committee on Transportation and the Environment will hold a public roundtable regarding a proposal to round up and kill community cats along with other animals deemed “non-native”.  The No Kill Advocacy Center has written a letter in opposition to the proposal.  Comments may be submitted by emailing Ms. Aukima Benjamin, staff assistant to the committee.  (Thanks Nathan.)

An ACO in NC helped a lost, blind, deaf senior poodle get home to her NC owner after the dog was picked up on the street in MA.  (Thanks Kate.)

Positive reinforcement training fans now have an NFL team to root for:  The Seattle Seahawks.  (Thanks Karen.)

Some dumbass who lives a mile from an elementary school near Orlando, FL is keeping poisonous snakes in his garage inside homemade cages that fall apart when they get wet.  A king cobra, whose cage got wet when water leaked onto it, escaped.  The dumbass was given a warning for using improper materials on the cage and fined $366 for failing to report the deadly snake missing immediately.  Police have set box traps in the area in hopes of capturing the cobra but he’s been loose 2 weeks already.

The city of Houston says, “Bring your kids and guns to the zoo!”  An excellent plan with no possible downside.

Beagle goalie

Treats on the Internets

An anonymous whistleblower is accusing Jacksonville Animal Care and Protective Services of killing treatable animals, falsifying their records and turning away strays in need in order to make their numbers look good. (Thank you Clarice for the link.)

The Washington Co Animal Shelter in TN killed 276 cats last month because they had colds.  But the director falsely told the local paper the shelter is “no kill” because they don’t kill “healthy, sociable” animals.  (Thanks Jan.)

A family dog who was lost on a road trip was picked up by Caddo Animal Services in LA.  The owner, who is 8 months pregnant, lives in Houston so a local rescuer offered to drive the dog halfway to reunite the family.  But the pound director refused.  The owner says she asked multiple times to allow the dog to be released to the rescuer as she was experiencing pre-labor contractions and has another young child to care for but the director yelled and cursed at her in response.  She says her mother also called to request release of the dog to the rescuer out of concern for her daughter’s well-being but the director still refused.  For his part, the director says he never spoke with the owner and when he spoke with her mother, she “asked and begged and pleaded with us that we give the dog to the actual owner and not release it to a third party”.  The owner was forced to drive all the way to the pound in Shreveport to reclaim her pet.  (Thanks Clarice and Lisa.)

This article about a feline kidney transplant seems to adopt the posture that the donor cat was found in a shelter and probably would have been killed anyway so it’s fine to harvest him for parts.  Plus the family of the recipient is forced to adopt the donor cat, regardless of how anyone gets along so… it’s all good?  (Thanks Karen.)

A cinematic history of dogs

This kiddie pool in NJ was just right.

Treats on the Internets

Twice in one week!  Maybe I’ll get a raise – or a pay cut, depending on your perspective I guess.

A Topeka police officer, previously jailed for killing a person while responding to a false alarm call, encountered a 26 pound dog while responding to another false alarm call last month.  Josie was the beloved pet of an elderly couple who rescued her off the streets as a puppy 6 years ago and kept her in the yard by means of an invisible fence.  When the officer entered Josie’s backyard, he says he felt like he was in imminent danger of attack so he shot her to death.  The police department attempted to hide the officer’s identity but failed to redact his signature at the bottom of a public record.  (Thanks Clarice for the link.)

At the University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine, researchers have discovered a way to get more accurate results when performing quick tests to monitor blood glucose levels in diabetic dogs and cats.  Their findings may inspire further research to see if the same benefits are applicable for human diabetic patients.

At Camp Rudder in the Florida panhandle, Army Ranger students are trained to identify and handle reptiles which are housed at the school.

A woman was pulled over by police on the Autobahn in Germany with a Shetland pony on a bed of straw in her hatchback.  She said she was driving 300 miles to meet the owner.  She was escorted to the nearest police station where the pony was let out and given water.  The police contacted the owner who showed up to collect the pony in a proper trailer.

Not to be outdone, a motorist was stopped by police in England for having 2 bald tires.  And of course they wanted to inquire about the sheep in the car.  The man explained that some people take their dogs with them on car rides and he takes his sheep.  They were on their way to a drive-through to get some food.  And off they went.

If you’re in Arkansas and need your teeth cleaned, this place might be good.  (Thanks Clarice.)

I love the animation in this video (if you don’t like the music, you can always watch it on mute).

Treats on the Internets

Kevin Myrick, an ACO with Iberville AC in Louisiana, was sent to the scene of a car accident on July 5 to pick up a loose dog.  In the official report on the incident, ACO Myrick stated someone had run over the dog by the time he arrived.  But at some point afterward, he reportedly told several co-workers, including at least one supervisor, that the dog was not friendly so he chopped him up with a machete.  He has since been fired and arrested. (Thank you Clarice for the link.)

A Pennsylvania woman who had her animals seized in January 2014 by the Humane Society of Harrisburg Area under shady circumstances has been fighting in court ever since.  Although the HS filed criminal charges against the owner, the DA refused to prosecute.  In December 2014, the court ordered the HS to return her animals but by then, the HS had already killed some and sent others out of state.  And in May 2015, a judge ordered the HS to pay the woman $3500 in legal fees.  (Thanks Brenda.)

The North Carolina Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services is reportedly cracking down on rescues, requiring them to adhere to the same standards (all surfaces must be non-porous, etc.) required of municipal shelters.  Cat trees, newspapers, cardboard boxes and anything wooden are all against regulations and some groups are shutting down as a result.  (Thanks Lita.)

A former employee at the Memphis pound alleges she was targeted by director James Rogers because of her religious beliefs.  In one incident, she says he required her to recite scripture to prove she was being true to her faith.  (Thanks Arlene.)

Another study to fuel the War on Cats.  And the sensible version.  (Thanks Valerie.)

Delta, American and United Airlines have all banned the transport of buffalo, elephant, leopard, lion and rhino “trophies”, making it that much harder for rich, killy Americans to get animal body parts to decorate their walls and compensate for their own dead body parts.

Everyone loves this clip of Laura the lizard popping bubbles.  (Thanks Karen.)

Treats on the Internets

Sea World announced the death of a 3 week old baby beluga born in captivity, referring to her as “it”, thanking people “for their thoughts and support during this difficult time for our team” while failing to mention the mother at all.  Also:  fuck Sea World.

Commentary on the grand jury’s failure to indict the TX veterinarian who shot a cat to death with an arrow and bragged about it on Facebook.  (Thanks Loran.)

One of the candidates for mayor of Memphis has caught the attention of animal advocates.  (Thanks Claire.)

A pet shop in Brazil put shelter puppies and kittens in its cages for one day and gave them away to customers.  (Thanks Lisa.)

The ceremonial burial of a bobcat 2000 years ago in IL leads to speculation that the animal was kept as a pet by Native Americans.

I wonder how long this gator was walking around Manhattan before anyone noticed.

Abandoned chicken church now serving as lover’s lane.  (Thing I’ve always wanted to write.)

Treats on the Internets

Case Update: The now former Gwinnett Co ACO whom witnesses say brutally beat a friendly dog with a chokepole last summer will be charged with misdemeanor animal cruelty.  (Thank you Clarice and Susan for the link.)

Case Update:  The former director of the Lawrence Co Animal Shelter in AL, where hundreds of animals were found suffering in horrible conditions, will be charged with 16 misdemeanor counts of cruelty to an animal and 1 misdemeanor count of animal abuse.  (Thanks Brie.)

Case Update:  Chance, the dog who was impounded in Wilson Co, NC and whose owners were given the runaround when they attempted to redeem him, is dead.  The Wilson Co sheriff returned Chance’s body to his family for burial and issued a statement praising his facility, claiming it is used by the state to show other counties “the way an animal shelter should be operated”.  (Thanks Clarice.)

A dog owner is suing the city of Detroit alleging that after her pet was seized in connection with a bite incident and kept for more than a week at the pound, he came home with a collapsed trachea and pneumonia.  The pet subsequently died.  Note:  This is a different case than the one I reported on earlier this week. (Thanks Clarice.)

Two media whores are once again in the news over allegations that Sea World sent an undercover staff member to PETA meetings to try to incite illegal activity.  It’s impossible to tell who’s lying when all you’ve got to choose from is lying liars, but here’s hoping the tangled web keeps the two twits occupied for a little while, for the animals’ sake.

An 18 year old Austin man was found dead in his vehicle with snake bites on his wrist.  The man’s family owns an exotic pet store and a pet cobra is suspected in the man’s death.  A dead cobra was found in the same parking lot as the man’s vehicle.

The Brookfield Zoo near Chicago had a tank housing 4 southern stingrays and 50 cow-nose rays, all born in captivity, whom the public could pet and feed.  An oxygen pump failed in the tank last week, killing all the animals.

And this one, because: Naked drunk guy found in barn cavorting with hogs. Again. “I just like pigs,” he tells cops.


Treats on the Internets

Case Update:  The owner of Porkchop, the neutered, vaccinated and bathed kitten who was killed upon impound by Mobile Co, AL for being “feral” in 2013, filed a lawsuit against the county.  Part of that lawsuit includes newly released video evidence from the pound reportedly showing that Porkchop was not feral and simply fast-tracked to the kill room in violation of the mandatory holding period law.  (I have not watched the video because it appears from the description that it may show Porkchop being killed.)  The workers responsible for Porkchop’s unlawful killing are still employed at the pound.   (Thank you Clarice for the link.)

After one cat at the Denton Animal Shelter in TX was diagnosed with calicivirus, the decision was made to kill 87 kittens and 10 cats at the facility.  The police department which oversees the shelter used the mass killing as an opportunity to remind the irresponsible public to vaccinate their pets and donate money.  No word on how the unwashed masses have responded to the advice.  (Thanks Mike.)

A shelter medicine vet recently toured the outdated Porter Co, IN shelter and found conditions to be inhumane.  County officials have yet to take meaningful action on building a new facility, despite having $157 million in the bank from the sale of a hospital in 2007 and an offer of another $1 million from an anonymous donor.  (Thanks Arlene.)

A Salt Lake City police officer allegedly shot a dog to death last year while the dog was in his own yard.  The owner has been trying to file a lawsuit against the officer but state law requires him to put up a bond for the estimated cost of the officer’s entire defense and court costs in advance.  (Thanks Laura.)

Good idea: ACOs in Franklin Co, Ohio are leaving notices posted in public places where they pick up loose dogs so their owners can find them. (Thanks mikken and Daniela.)

A debate on whether cats are truly domesticated animals.

Treats on the Internets

Authorities with the city of Deltona, Florida obtained a search warrant and entered the home of a couple to find they were well over the 5 pet limit.  The Halifax Humane Society seized 114 cats and killed 108 of them despite a city spokesman’s claim that only a few were sick:

[Lee] Lopez said a few cats suffer from feline Leukemia, but more seemed well fed and healthy.

The man who lived at the residence considered the cats family.  His wife threatened to hurt herself as her pets were being taken away so she was transported to a mental health care facility.  (Thank you to the reader who sent me this story.)


Photos posted online show animals in filthy cages at the Lucedale pound in MS but the mayor says the photos are not representative of conditions at the facility.  The pound reportedly keeps intact male and female cats together but the mayor describes that as a funding issue.  So everything’s good I guess.  (Thanks Clarice.)


One shelter worker’s revelation regarding “perfect” adoption applicants.  (Thanks Anne.)


As the supply of seals, the regular food of polar bears in the Arctic, dwindles due to climate change, scientists have observed starving bears eating dolphins who have been drawn to the area by unusually warm waters.  (Warning:  graphic photos at link.)


The white man who called 911 to complain of black teenagers at a pool in Texas is a convicted felon whose crimes include animal torture.  In 1999, the man reportedly beat cows and pigs bloody with wooden boards and pulled the limbs off baby turkeys before spray painting the farm animals.  (Thanks Anne.)


Uber, but for the bravest among Florida’s forest dwellers.

Treats on the Internets

An ACO in TX picked up a dog who had gotten out of his fenced yard during an afternoon storm and left him at the Williamson Co Regional Animal Shelter noting the dog appeared healthy.  When the owner came the next morning to reclaim her pet, she was told the dog had been found dead in his cage and no one knows what happened.  The shelter posted a picture of the dead dog on its website and apparently no one knows how that happened either.  A necropsy will be performed to try and determine what caused the dog’s death.  (Thank you Clarice for the link.)


A NC pet owner has filed a lawsuit against Columbus Co alleging that the pound killed his pitbull before the 72 hour state mandated holding period had expired.  The county claims the dog was aggressive and the killing was legal.  (Thanks Clarice.)


Just before proposing a mandatory spay-neuter ordinance specifically targeting pitbulls and pitbull mixes to the Beaufort Co Council in SC, Tallulah Trice, director of the county pound, went ironic:

It’s not the breed we’re going after.

Trice said 90% of the animals killed at the pound are pitbulls and added:

People just can’t adopt them.

Well I guess not. Since you’re killing them like it’s going out of style.


NJ is considering a bill that would require people accused of animal abuse to either pay whatever amount the local shelter demands for care or forfeit their animals before they ever get a chance at trial.


A blind woman’s guide dog hurled himself between her and an oncoming bus.  Both were injured but will be ok.  The dog and his person were upset when they had to be separated because dogs are not allowed in ambulances.  They ought to change that rule.


Just an octopus walking around with coconut shells to use as a portable hideout.  (Thanks Valerie.)


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