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An owner surrendered her house cat to a vet clinic in GA and staff called DeKalb Co AC to pick up the friendly pet.  When a rescue group contacted the pound to ask about helping the cat, they were told the AC worker had dumped her in a park instead of bringing her to the pound.  (A scenario which will undoubtedly delight the so-called animal welfare groups in favor of abandoning cats instead of sheltering them.)  DeKalb Co says it was an oopsie, never happened before, workers will receive additional training… you know the drill.  (Thanks Clarice for the link.)

Fourteen pitbulls were “rescued” from what appears to have been a dogfighting operation in LA. Police were conducting a drug raid when they discovered the injured and abused dogs. The dogs were taken to East Baton Rouge Animal Control where they were immediately photographed as evidence then killed. Ignorant bastards.

The USDA APHIS Wildlife Services killed 2.7 million animals last year, including 16 “pets or livestock” and 1001 “feral or free-ranging” dogs and cats.  (Thank you Arlene for the link.)

Poland – Resident shelter cat helps pets receiving vet care to heal.  (Thanks Lisa.)

A few brief excerpts from the 2015 International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants Feline Behavior Conference.

The most interesting cat paintings of artist Louis Wain, who was schizophrenic.

Animal sculptures made of salvaged plastic

Computer bugs

Treats on the Internets

Animal control in Roswell, NM picked up a stolen, microchipped dog whose owner was looking for her but failed to contact the owner.  Instead, AC put the dog on the kill list.  The owner, who lives 200 miles away, was able to redeem her pet thanks to rescuers who posted the dog’s photo on Facebook.  (Thank you Clarice for the link.)

The manager of the Hawkins Co Humane Society in TN is seeking forfeiture of 16 dogs and 2 birds after staff “rescued” them from their home.  The owners were critically injured in a car accident and have been hospitalized.  Now their animals are being stolen.  (Thanks Adrianne.)

BSL in Salina, Kansas trying to break up another family as owner vows to fight for all local families that include pitbulls.  (Thanks Lis and Anne for the links.)

Case Update:  The vet at the Franklin Co pound in Ohio who allegedly mishandled dogs in order to fail them on behavioral tests so he could kill them has quit his job.  (Thanks Clarice.)

The irresponsible public wanted to help a lost, starving dog in the Washington mountains but had to think outside the box when hot dog lures failed.  They were successful and are now trying to find the dog’s owner.  (Thanks Mary.)

How dogs sniff and why they get so much information from it.

Treats on the Internets

Case Update – The recently fired/charged with cruelty Martin Co pound director is suing to get his job back because: he wasn’t properly trained, his co-worker is a dummy and a druggie and the dog he shot in his cage was a monster pitbull owned by lowlifes.  (Thank you Clarice for the link.)

Case Update – The GA high school teacher who had students hold down two cats while he removed their testicles will not be charged and county residents are encouraged “to accept the incident as a learning experience”.  (Thanks Clarice.)

The Tri-Cities pound in WA saw its intake halved last year.  The director is completely clueless as to how that happened and apparently uninterested in finding out.  (Thanks Mary.)

A bill banning gas chambers in SC shelters has stalled in the House because legislators worry that implementing the bill would be too costly even though gassing is a more expensive killing method and shelters are already killing via injection anyway.

The Board of Health in Niagara Co, NY voted two months ago to support a TNR program to humanely manage and reduce the feral cat population.  The board recently voted unanimously to reverse its position after a vet on the board cited opposition to TNR from veterinary groups and the CDC.  (Thanks Arlene.)

Best Friends bought a gym in Kanab, UT.  (Thanks John.)

Plot Twist: Cop comes across loose pitbull, normal human behavior ensues.  (Thanks Anne.)

Treats on the Internets

New resource for shelter pet advocates:  The website Saving 90 lists communities that self-report saving 90% or more of the animals in their shelters.


Case Update:  The ACO in Elgin, OK who lied to the owner of a dog he had gassed to death using the exhaust from his truck has been fully reinstated.  No charges were filed despite the fact that the dog was mutilated before being killed and dumped into a dead animal pit at the unlicensed facility.  The city council says it supports the ACO and believes the community does too because a council member heard there was a petition with 600 signatures on it somewhere, which nobody ever saw, supporting the ACO.  Also, the pound is going to have its floor painted.  (Thanks Clarice for the link.)


The Maine Department of Agriculture requires pet food companies to pay a surcharge in order to sell their foods in the state.  The money funds a spay-neuter program which helps low-income families get their pets fixed.  Supporters of the surcharge say it costs pet owners an additional 36 cents over the course of a year.  The governor wants to eliminate it but supporters say that will result in increased cat intakes at shelters which means increased cat killings.  Because I mean – hey, more cats.  Whatcha gonna do?


Gir, a 30 year old miniature horse in Clackamas Co, OR, accidentally got out of his stall one night last month and wandered onto a neighbor’s property.  The neighbor called the sheriff’s office and a deputy came and shot the pet to death.  The deputy told the owners Gir had been hit by a car and had two broken legs but a necropsy found the horse was in excellent condition and had not been injured outside of the gunshot wounds to the head.  The Clackamas Co sheriff’s office is investigating itself in the matter.  And:

The Oregon Humane Society can’t confirm if it started, and then stopped, an animal cruelty investigation into Gir’s shooting.

Sounds legit.  (Thanks Bonnie for the link.)


Robert Durst admitted dismembering his neighbor in 2001 and is currently charged with murdering an associate.  His brother believes that Durst practiced killing and disposing of remains on seven Alaskan malamutes before his first wife disappeared under mysterious circumstances in 1982.


The AP had a good story this week on street dogs who have been taken in by state organizations in Cuba.  I especially love the photo of Vladimir.

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The director of the Rowan Co pound in NC says the facility can never become no kill.  An enabler explains that Rowan Co is in the stupidsouth while in utopianorth, they have no problems because magical spay-neuter.  (Thanks Lisa for the link.)

A veterinarian at the Cherryland HS in MI says the unlicensed employee who injected a kitten with Fatal Plus and put him in the freezer did everything right, despite the lack of license and the fact that another employee found the kitten alive inside a bag.  The vet blames the state for not telling him he needed to have his kill techs licensed.  (Thanks Clarice for the links.)

A complaint filed with the Oregon Department of Justice alleges that a pet charity has been fundraising for abused animals it doesn’t have, including in one case, a deceased puppy.  The charity’s founder says the complaint was filed by someone who is just jealous because she created National Cat Day (Alert:  There is a National Cat Day, apparently.)  Also:  stalking, smear campaign and stuff.  (Thanks Jan.)

Some dumbass brought his dog to a skate park in Beaverton, Oregon and let him run loose.  When the dog failed to respond to a voice command, the guy hurled the dog 15 feet onto the concrete pad, causing him to go lame.  Police charged him with abuse and say he works at a doggie daycare, but they don’t know which one.  I’m totally huh because I thought only animal lovers get jobs working with animals.

A carpenter at a San Francisco construction site took a raccoon who had been trapped by exterminators and set him free.  The employer wanted the raccoon killed and fired the carpenter for stealing.

A special agent from the DEA testified to a Utah senate panel that if the state approves medicinal use of marijuana for patients meeting certain guidelines, bunnies will get baked.  (Thanks Nathan.)

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In 2009, a woman wrote a letter to Klein Animal Shelter in Texas and sent copies to the AC offices in the cities of Jacksonville and Tyler as well as Smith Co – all of which contracted with Klein. In the letter, she mourned the needless death of a kitten she had adopted from Klein. Klein sold her as a 9 week old kitten but the adopter’s vet said she was actually a severely malnourished 4 month old. The kitten, named Twiggy by the adopter, succumbed to the effects of starvation just 4 days after the adoption. In the letter, the woman asked that Klein re-examine its practices and stated that Twiggy would have been better off on the street than at Klein. In 2015, three employees of the facility were arrested and charged with animal cruelty.

Case update:  Two ACOs from Orange Co, CA who slit an injured deer’s throat while refusing help from a veterinarian at the scene have been fired from their jobs.  The DA declined to bring charges against either man.  (Thank you Clarice for the link.)

Case update:  In an agreement with prosecutors, the animal cruelty charges against the former director of the Hunterdon Co Humane Animal Shelter in NJ will be dropped in 12 months so long as she gives up managerial control of the facility and agrees to other unnamed conditions.  She will remain on the board and continue fundraising for the wealthy organization.  (Thanks Clarice.)

Two of the dogs “rescued” from the troubled Helmetta pound in NJ were sent to the Humane Society of Harrisburg Area where they were reportedly killed for behavior despite evaluations from a behaviorist who determined the dogs were not aggressive outside their cages. (Thanks Clarice.)

An ACO from the Memphis pound was called to help stray dogs living at an abandoned property near Mayor Wharton’s home.  One of the dogs was reportedly in desperate need of veterinary care.  The ACO initially refused to do her job and only finally removed the one dying dog after an animal advocate begged her for help.  But when the local news called the mayor’s office about the story, Memphis ACOs were quickly sent to the property where they captured one dog and set traps for the remainder.  The ACOs will supposedly monitor the traps so the dogs don’t suffer and/or freeze to death in the inclement weather.  (Thanks to everyone who sent me this story.)

Hunt Co, TX – Some manly man with a gun shot his neighbor’s two dogs when they came into his yard, photographed their bodies, then bragged about it on Facebook.  He has been suspended from his job with the Union Valley Fire Department and a county constable is investigating the case.  (Thanks Mike.)

A therapy dog who visits veterans in a transitional housing program in Pittsburgh uses his whole body to help heal people he meets.  (Thanks Steve.)

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A document obtained via FOIA request from the city of Maryville, TN shows that in 2014, the shelter had a 99% save rate. Well done!

The state of CT has created a task force for the purpose of  improving conditions for animals in public shelters.

Haters gonna hate.  But if you check out the comments on the linked article it looks like this private shelter in MT, which saved more than 1100 animals last year, has strong support within the community.  (Thanks Clarice for the link.)

Arizona – A USDA employee who disliked his neighbor’s dog set two steel coyote traps and baited them with lure paste in order to trap the pet.  The dog lost 17 teeth trying to free herself.  The employee was charged with animal cruelty.  The USDA submitted a letter to the court stating the employee acted lawfully.  (Thanks Clarice.)

This article debunks some of the myths surrounding homeless people who own pets.

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Case Update:  Despite a city appointed committee finding “clear and convincing evidence” that Louisville Metro Animal Services neglected a dog named Sadie causing her months of suffering before she was finally euthanized, prosecutors have declined to file any charges, citing lack of evidence.  (Thank you Clarice for the link.)

A sad turn of events in Minnesota following the resignation of Animal Ark executive director Mike Fry:  the new director is proposing an end to the shelter’s long standing no kill policies and making a bid to start killing animals.  (Thanks Arlene.)

The Lawton Animal Shelter in Oklahoma is under investigation by the state Board of Veterinary Medical Examiners after two dogs starved to death at the facility.  (Thanks Clarice.)

Wally Barber, a recently retired ACO in Snohomish Co, Washington was reportedly confronted by a police officer responding to a complaint of a neglected goat on Barber’s property.  After the police officer left, Barber shot the goat in the head and buried her.  Barber, a 30 year veteran of AC, has been charged with animal cruelty and a gun violation.  (Thanks Clarice.)

The link between domestic violence and animal cruelty can not be overstated:  studies indicate that 48 percent to 71 percent of battered women have pets who have been hurt or killed by the woman’s abuser.  Law enforcement and prosecutors need to take animal cruelty cases more seriously.

Two Fort Worth police officers came across a little dog loose on the interstate so they shut down the freeway then coaxed the dog into their squad car with a treat.  The dog was later adopted.  (Thanks Barb.)

Possible vacation destination:  Japan has a fox sanctuary with over 100 foxes roaming around and the public can pay to hang with the animals.  (Thanks Arlene.)

Treats on the Internets

Case update:  Following an investigation of what appears to be a botched do-it-yourself cat neuter at the Lee Co pound in SC, the solicitor’s office declined to press charges against the pound director, Doris Winstead, citing lack of evidence.  Winstead reportedly resigned from her job last month.  (Thank you Clarice for the link.)


Case update:  After a video showing starving dogs eating another dog at the Idabel pound in Oklahoma went viral, a rescuer from Tulsa went to the pound to pull 7 dogs.  Despite learning that the pound has no cleaning protocols in place, the rescuer told the local news that the place just needs a new paint job and the dead dog wasn’t being so much “eaten” as he was being “licked”.  Aw.  Enablers, so soft and fuzzy.  There are still dogs at the Idabel pound and the police chief says the sole ACO will keep his job.  (Thanks Clarice.)


Jerry Strong, an ACO at the Memphis pound, has been charged with rape.  After the charges were reported by local media, more women came forward to accuse Strong of rape and the city of Memphis with covering up their complaints.  Strong has worked in past as a Memphis police officer and a security guard for the public school system.  Allegations of sexual misconduct have followed him everywhere as the city has passed him from department to department.  Strong is still working at MAS, on desk duty.  (Thanks to everyone who sent me this story.)


If you volunteer at a public shelter and have been forced to sign an agreement that you won’t speak out about what you see there on threat of being banned, you should know that the agreement has all the legal value of toilet paper and you might like to use it accordingly.  The latest judge to say so was in a Maryland case:

[T]he “opportunity to serve as a volunteer or partner with a government organization” as a rescuer is a constitutionally protected benefit and that volunteers and rescuers have “the right to exercise constitutionally protected free speech, free of a state actor’s retaliatory adverse act.”

Any questions?  (Thank you Jan.)


Local animal advocates call Putnam Co Animal Control in Florida a “death camp” where more than a third of the animals are killed by heartstick.  The county says nobody wants to kill animals and blah.  (Thanks Clarice.)


Inconceivable:  Three million years ago, South America had rodents of unusual size who used their front teeth teeth like an elephant uses his tusks.

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The owner of a PA kennel which serves as a destination for shelter pets shipped from the south was cited by the state for failing to maintain humane conditions, not having health certificates on imported dogs, doing business with an unlicensed out of state dealer and other violations.  (Thank you Clarice for the link.)


Australia – The government is investigating the North Melbourne Lost Dogs’ Home after numerous complaints about needless killing, including a lost dog called Fonzie whose owner called to reclaim him but the pound killed him anyway.  The money quote, from chair Dr. Andrew Tribe:

Dr Tribe said the incident was a “lesson for all of us to register and identify our dogs better”.

And not to be outdone, Lost Dogs’ Home has announced it will also investigate itself.  (Thanks Kerry.)


The death of 23 dogs at an Arizona boarding facility last year has been receiving new attention from sports media outlets recently as one of the owners whose pets died there plays for a team in the Super Bowl.  (Thanks Arlene.)


New research at Kansas State University may lead to a change in the way pets whose vaccines are overdue and who are exposed to rabies are handled in future.  Basically, vaccinating a pet whose rabies vaccine has expired boosts immunity sufficiently to avoid a six month quarantine or killing.  (Thanks Clarice.)


Three cotton-top tamarin monkeys, which weigh less than a pound, were left out in sub-freezing temperatures in a Louisiana zoo when their caretaker “overlooked” the endangered animals.  Two of the three froze to death.  The caretaker resigned.


A photo from the Montgomery Co shelter in TX proves why the haters who refuse to adopt pets to the elderly are so wrong.  (Thank you Lisa.)


In case of emergency, this gif.


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