Shelter Pets of the Day

Georgie and Milkshake, a bonded pair of pets at the Allegany Co Animal Shelter, enjoying some outside time together.

Submitted by Peter who writes:

This is Georgie (brown) &  Milkshake (black/brown), two female Shepard mixes about 3 years old. Milkshake & Georgie came to the Allegany County Animal Shelter with several other dogs from their family. Milkshake & Georgie are both very friendly and lovable, have an extremely close bond. Milkshake can be adopted out by herself and would do great on her own. Unfortunately Georgie will fall into depression when she is separated from her sister. Georgie would like to find a home together with Milkshake or with another dog that can become her companion. However, we would prefer to adopt them out together.

For more info and contact:

The Allegany Co Animal Shelter is a no kill shelter in MD.

I just love these happy looking girlfriends – everything about them from their names to their smiling faces to the fact that they are BFFs.  Please share them with your dog loving friends to help them get some added exposure.  It’s always a challenge to try to find a home for a bonded pair of pets so every share helps.  I bet Georgie and Milkshake would be perfect for someone who wanted to have a couple of easy keepers around the house who wouldn’t be constantly in your face for attention.  Plus their names are Georgie and Milkshake and you’d get to say that every day.  “These are my girls Georgie and Milkshake…”  OK, I’ve said their names enough now.

Updated: Shelter Pet of the Day

Photo by Jody Fisher.

This senior lady Pibble (ID #238955) at the Memphis pound was submitted by reader Jody who writes:

I saw her when I was at MAS. She is incredibly sweet. All that she wanted was to be petted. She would close her eyes as if she was in pure ecstasy, as I rubbed her face and body! She definitely has many scars.  I fed her treats right out of my hand and she was so gentle! This girl has had a rough life – please, if someone could find it in their heart to open up their home to this senior dog, you would help this dog live out her final years knowing what a warm bed and a loving heart would feel like. Every pet deserves this!

Photo by Jody Fisher.

Details for this dog can be found on PetHarbor.

Update:  Per MAS, the hold that Jody placed on this dog will be terminated at 12:30pm tomorrow.  Sorry for the short notice but this is how things work (or don’t) at MAS.  If anyone is considering rescue/foster/adoption for this dog, action is needed before 12:30pm Wednesday.

Shelter Pet of the Day

A listing from MAS on Click to enlarge.

Despite the Memphis pound’s listing for this pet, he looks to me to be an elderly male Boxer type dog.  If you know of any Boxer rescues who may be able to help him, please share.

Shelter Pet of the Day

Kelly, an adoptable dog at ARNO in Louisiana.

Kelly was submitted by reader Callie who sent me a link to a post about her:

Kelly needs a person who will love her unconditionally without the need to take her to a dog park where she might become overstimulated and get into a fight with another dog. Kelly needs a person who isn’t even that fond of dog walks, but instead is happy to live with Kelly inside and then play with her until she is exhausted in a fenced back yard. Kelly needs a person who is willing to be firm but loving, patient but a leader, and someone who will understand her scars and not expect more from her than what she is, a dog who needs only a human to love her.

Can you be that person? Can you offer Kelly a chance at a wonderful life in a home and a backyard without feeling the need to take her places where she might be too overwhelmed to go? Kelly has so much love to give to someone, she loves all people and wants badly to please and now, after taking her into my small space, a home as far as she is concerned, I am determined to find somewhere and someone for Kelly to call her own.

If you would like to meet Kelly, please email or stop by our shelter at 271 Plauche Street in Harahan to meet Kelly between 3-7 any day of the week.

ARNO is the group whose members so generously helped us with Mario when we needed an immediate safe place for a feral dog to go.

271 Plauche St.
New Orleans, LA 70123

Shelter Pet of the Day

Van, a male Pibble, ID #11-15813-1, submitted by reader Karen.

I love how the one remaining ear has fought to hang on! Van is at:

Seattle Animal Shelter

2061 15th Ave W

Seattle, WA 98119


This shelter’s 2010 kill rate was 19%.

Shelter Pet of the Day

El Capitn was submitted by reader Daniela who was very impressed with the write-up for this fabulous kitteh.  It really is super and it concludes as follows:

I’m about 5 years young, by the way. I feel great and I have a lot of things left on my bucket list so plan to have me around for a long time yet, ok? I’m totally healthy too so don’t be planning to sneak me to the vet all the time! My adoption fee is $50, unless you are also a senior citizen over 60 years, in which case my adoption fee would only be $10. (I’m a bargain!!!) I am neutered, vaccinated, microchipped, tested for FIV/FeLV, and ready to rock. If you want to come meet me, please fill out an adoption application for me by visiting

El Capitn is at Safe House Animal Rescue League in Mendota, IL

His phone number is 815-407-7233

Email Safe House Animal Rescue League

Surrey Says

Please help network these wonderful Beagles at the Tipton Co Animal Shelter in TN.  This is the place where I got Surrey.  They seem to have lots of Beagles and Beagle mixes!  I pulled the info in the captions directly from the Helping Tipton County Animal Shelter Animals Facebook page.  Please visit that page and/or call the shelter directly for additional info.

Tipton County Animal Shelter

8621 Hwy 51 South

Brighton, TN


The hours are 8:00-4:30 Monday-Friday and 8:00-12:00 on Saturday.

Male, cage C-6

Female, cage E-2. "We have someone who has offered to pay the adoption fee for this sweet girl! You will get a voucher for her spay and rabies shot."

Female, cage D-8.


Female, cage E-1. "We have someone who will pay the $50 adoption fee for this girl!!! You will get a voucher for her spay and rabies."

Shelter Pet of the Day

Dana is dog #A0920053 at the Manhattan shelter in NYC.

Dana was submitted by reader Jeanne.  According to the FB posting for Dana, she was brought into NYCACC as an injured stray.  She’s had surgery on her jaw and is now ready for a loving home.  She has several mammary lumps which will need veterinary diagnosis.  Dana is described as an active, friendly dog who is in great shape.  Her ID number is A0920053.

AC&C — Manhattan Animal Care Center
326 East 110th Street
New York, NY 10029


The most recent stats online for NYCACC are for November 2011.  That month the kill rate was 30% for dogs and cats, in addition to an unknown number of owner requested euthanasias (which NYCACC does not report).

Shelter Pet of the Day

Submitted by reader Joel who writes:

Cece was at the Berkeley Animal Care Services for about six months. This long stay actually did her quite a bit of good. When she arrived at the shelter she had clearly been bred, and she was untrained and unsocialized. Her time at the shelter gave her a chance to learn basic commands, attend training classes, and improve her behavior around other dogs.

Cece has a misaligned kneecap which will require surgery to fix, and she did not do well on the concrete floors at the shelter. She is now with a rescue organization, and volunteers have raised the money for the surgery. However, she needs a foster or adopter before the surgery can take place, because her current situation is not ideal for her recuperation. She will be on pain medication as she recovers, will be restricted to short walks at first, and needs a home that can make sure to give her the attention she needs as she recovers.

Cece is about five years old. She would prefer to be the only dog in a house, but she would be OK with a well-matched mate (though she doesn’t do well with smaller dogs). Her energy level is average at best – she does not require a great deal of exercise. She currently lives in Vallejo, CA about a half hour north of San Francisco.  Facebook page here.

If you can give Cece the care she needs to get her knee surgery, please contact Joel:

Shelter Pet of the Day

If you are as old as me young at heart, you might remember the animated feature from Captain Kangaroo called Simon in the Land of Chalk Drawings.  To this day, I hear the name Simon and I start singing that theme song (badly).  I’ve been singing it all day, looking at this beautiful kitteh named Simon:

You know my name is Simon.

If you are interested in adopting Simon, please contact Monica at:

DeSoto County Animal Shelter
1251 Humane Way
Nesbit, MS 38651
Phone: 662-429-5013

If you would like to foster Simon, please contact Meows and BowWows at: or 901-482-1100

Meows and BowWows will pull the kitty from the shelter, cover all the vetting and work to find him a permanent home while the person fosters him temporarily.



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