Weekend Jade


tennis ball roll

Weekend Jade

Another tennis ball casualty in The Locking Jaws War.

Weekend Jade


Private Beagle, reporting for bone watching duty.

Weekend Jade


Breaking the news that it’s too cold and rainy for a walk this morning.

Weekend Jade


No such thing as a bone that’s too old.

Weekend Jade


First tennis ball peel of 2016.

Happy New Year

Jan 1 2016 surrey

Jan 1 2016 surrey2

Happy Nu Year. May no one interrupt your naps.

Weekend Jade

2015 1224 jade wen

A long winter’s nap.

Weekend Jade

2015 12 20 jade

Baby it’s cold outside.

Weekend Jade

2015 12 12 jade

Raise your paws if you got a good night’s sleep and had plenty of room on the bed.


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