Weekend Jade


My arm is in a sling, I’m not supposed to be on the computer and I am on drugs so, no new pic today.  Please enjoy this shot from a couple months ago when I was a little less lame.

Serial Rug Killer

052016 newt

After a spate of rug holings around the house, Newt has opened an investigation. Please contact her with any tips.

Weekend Jade


As we were leaving the park, a group of people arrived and set up to take a group photo.  Jade, Newt and Wendy wanted to watch so I took my own group photo.

Weekend Jade


Jade is the best post-spay recovery nurse.

Weekend Jade


Happy Mother’s Day to those with, and those without, circulation in their legs.

Weekend Jade

050116 jadenewtstick

Stick arena

Weekend Jade


Things What That Make Happy

040316newt sun

Beagle in the sun

Weekend Jade


Me and My Shadow

Weekend Jade


Windy walk.


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