Weekend Jade


This is my hot face.

Weekend Jade

071016 newtjade

Are you feeling ok? Because I notice you didn’t get a picture this weekend. Luckily we have an extra from last weekend.

Weekend Jade

071016 judenate

Will you PLEASE order Jade to let me have that thing she’s chewing?  I am dying here. Must I beg?

Weekend Jade


Too hot to do anything except lie around looking like our own damn beautiful selves.

Weekend Jade

062616 jadenewt


Weekend Jade


Sometimes it’s nice to touch your favorite chew toys together.  (Photo by resident Dog Dad.  Happy Father’s Day to all the Pet Dads!)

Weekend Jade

A 2 dog portrait you say? I have 2 suggestions on the best place for me to stand:

Weekend Jade



Weekend Jade


My arm is in a sling, I’m not supposed to be on the computer and I am on drugs so, no new pic today.  Please enjoy this shot from a couple months ago when I was a little less lame.

Serial Rug Killer

052016 newt

After a spate of rug holings around the house, Newt has opened an investigation. Please contact her with any tips.


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