Action Alert: Animals Suffering in Clinton Co Shelter

No food or water, crammed in filthy cages, sick and dying.  These are a few of the photos taken at the Tri County Animal Shelter in Albany, KY and posted on Facebook.  Warning: There are additional photos and some videos at the links.  They are very disturbing and some appear to show dead animals.

If animals were suffering in these conditions at a citizen’s home, HSUS and/or ASPCA would be there with their logo jackets on, media in tow, bringing animals out for the cameras (before dumping them on the local rescue community after they got their fundraising ops).  I have been checking online since these photos were posted and have seen no reporting on this so-called shelter.  HSUS and ASPCA will never go there with the media and remove the animals because they enable this behavior and call us troublemakers when we demand the workers do their jobs.  They tell us to bring them cupcakes in appreciation for the work they do.  Fuck their worse than useless platitudes.

Contact Clinton Co.  Tell them to treat this emergency situation in their shelter exactly as they would if animals in these conditions were found in a citizen’s home.  The animals need immediate vet care and charges must be brought against those responsible for the neglect and abuse:

Clinton Count Judge Executive Office
Richard C. Armstrong
(606) 387-5234

County Sheriff
Jim Guffey
(606) 387-5111

The idea that a meeting could be held and changes proposed is unacceptable in this situation.  This is a life and death emergency.  The animals need help NOW and the people responsible need to be put in the back of a police car and taken to jail.  This is institutionalized animal abuse, paid for by taxpayers, and overseen by Clinton Co officials.  Shame on all of them.

Hillsborough Co Shelter: News Roundup

Last month, the shelter director at Hillsborough Co reported an 89% live release rate to county commissioners.  Florida animal advocates are concerned that pets are being sold without appropriate screening and cite examples of dog flipping and a dog who cyclically got adopted then impounded as a stray again within weeks before ultimately being killed after a bite.

In addition, the Hillsborough Co shelter is reportedly failing to maintain its Do Not Adopt list – a list of people who are not allowed to own animals by order of the courts.  When asked in January why the list hadn’t been updated since 2014, the director blamed a glitch in the system.  In April, it was reported that the 4 people convicted of torturing a dog named Cabela, a reject from the dogfighting ring 2 of the men operated, still weren’t on the DNA list.  Cabela was turned over to a pair of teens for killing in 2015 because she wouldn’t fight.  They shot her and left her tied to railroad tracks.  She was rescued by police and received treatment from a vet.  Any of the 4 people involved in the case could walk into the Hillsborough Co facility and adopt a dog today.

Also in April, a worker at the secret shelter maintained by Hillsborough Co to house court case dogs reportedly mixed two cleaning agents together which created toxic fumes.  Four workers at the secret location got sick.  But the director maintained the animals, who breathed the same air as the workers, were unaffected.

Lastly, as regular readers may recall, Hillsborough Co recently disciplined an ACO for brainsticking roosters seized from a cockfighting ring.  A former supervisor at the shelter says she witnessed the current director willfully violate the county’s euthanasia protocols for roosters and kill non-sedated birds via injection of Fatal Plus into their necks.

These recent news tidbits provide a disturbing backdrop to an otherwise admirably improved live release rate.  And it makes me wonder what else is going on at the shelter that hasn’t made it on to the local news.

(Thanks Clarice.)


Ebony’s Owner Requested Euthanasia at MAS, All Ebony Got was a Cage to Suffer In

End of life decisions for pets are painful and difficult.  None of us wants to take a pet in for euthanasia too soon and at the same time we don’t want to wait too long.  On the one hand, there is hope the pet could possibly rally once more and have a little bit more quality time in this life.  On the other hand, when the vet has told you there is no reasonable hope for recovery and you believe your beloved family member has no rallies left in her, you don’t want her to needlessly suffer through to the natural end of life.  Nature can be cruel.  Euthanasia is the final kindness we can offer to our pets.

Speaking for myself, once I’ve made the decision that it’s time, I don’t want to delay.  I want the suffering to end as soon as possible.  My vet has always been very good about moving us to the front of the line in these cases.

This is one of the reasons why, when reviewing the records for the many animals who die in their cages at the Memphis pound each month, I found Ebony’s story so heartbreaking.  Ebony was a 15 year old pitbull whose health was failing.  She had stopped eating, which is one of the ways dogs prepare themselves for death.  She had wasted away to a mere 20 pounds.  Her owner decided it was time.  He brought her to Memphis Animal Services on the afternoon of May 10 and requested euthanasia.  It was a Tuesday, when MAS was open for “all services” from 1pm to 7pm.

ebony cage card

Copy of Ebony’s cage card at MAS, obtained via FOIA request.

Rather than immediately get a vet to look at Ebony and then, assuming the vet agreed that she was medically hopeless and suffering, perform the euthanasia, MAS staff put her on a dolly, wheeled her to a cage in the kill-holding room and left her there.  A staff member entered a note in her records indicating she was a “high priority euthanasia”.  But it was after 4 pm and apparently high priority means something other than HIGH PRIORITY at MAS, at least after 4pm.  Ebony was left alone in a cage to suffer until she finally died at some point before someone on the next morning shift noted she was dead.

I have held my own elderly, frail, weak dogs in my arms at the end of their lives.  I have carried them, sometimes in blankets, as gently as possible, knowing every movement is painful for them.  It makes my stomach turn to think of MAS putting 20 pound Ebony on a dolly and wheeling her to a cage. Leaving her there alone, in pain, surrounded by the smells and sounds of fear from the other dogs awaiting death, makes my heart hurt.  She must have been confused and frightened on top of her physical torment.  I dread to think how long every minute of those dark hours must have seemed before death finally arose from the cold concrete to embrace her.

But as awful as all of that is to imagine, the thing that pissed me off was the solitary vet note entered in Ebony’s records:

ebony med note Passed while sleeping.  Excuse fucking me?  THIS is the vet note?  Not, “none of us here are doing our jobs so we just left this pet to rot” or “appears to have groaned in agony all night long, alone in the dark while we cashed our paychecks” but the ever so peaceful sounding “passed while sleeping”.  So tranquil.  Almost like a service at a spa.  A spa for death.

That is some first class enabling/criminal cover up there.  I guess practice makes perfect.

Fire these outrageous excuses for animal care professionals already.  Every one of them.  Then prosecute them using the same standards as would be used against any citizen who intentionally left a dog to suffer like this.  This is hardly the first time.  And until the citizens of Memphis take a stand, it won’t be the last.

I hope your 15 years on this earth were beautiful and happy, Ebony.  I’m sorry your death at MAS was so needlessly cruel.  There are such things as monsters and you should not have had to find that out at the hour of your greatest need.  How many more, Memphis?

(Thanks Lou Ann.)

KY Shelter Director Charged with Cruelty

Cheryl Bartlett, an area rescuer, took her kids to the Edmonson County Animal Shelter in KY last week to pick up some dogs. One of her children noticed a dead dog in an outdoor pen with other dogs. Overall conditions at the facility were so awful, she called the police.

When state troopers arrived, they found 48 dogs, 1 dead, and 20 cats, 3 dead, suffering at the pound. Many of the animals had no water.  Cats were stacked in wire cages.  Three “feral” cats, covered in feces and flies, were crammed into a single cage.  One had visible urine burns.  Dogs appeared to have been starved, had feces matted in their fur and suffered from urine scalding and open sores.  Several animals were immediately killed, due to behavior or medical reasons.

edmonson co cat

A cat at the Edmonson Co pound, as pictured on Facebook.  Someday I am going to write a big, heavy book called Do Not House Cats on Wire Floors Ever Ever Ever You Assface.  It’s going to be big and heavy enough that it will make an impression.

State police issued a citation to, but did not arrest, Kim Carroll, the Edmonson Co shelter director, charging her with second degree animal cruelty.  The next day, she sent hubby over to the place to start destroying evidence:

“He got the water hose and started frantically watering the animals … and he removed the dead dog,” Bartlett said.

It’s unclear where that dead animal was taken.

Just having a guess: probably their usual spot, wherever that is.

The Edmonson shelter held 4 county contracts.  And apparently everyone knew it was a hellhole:

In 2015, a Daily News investigative team visited the shelter on multiple occasions, each time noting conditions that appeared to fall short of guidelines for shelters offered by the Association of Shelter Veterinarians. Animals were in cages that were too small, were underweight and some were without water.


At the time of the 2015 Daily News investigation, Edmonson County Judge-Executive Wil Cannon said he stood behind the operation of the shelter. Cannon, when reached Saturday on vacation, said he was not aware enough of the situation to comment.


Bartlett said she has been getting dogs from the shelter for about two years and said it’s hard to find the words to describe the conditions.

“It is reprehensible … disgusting,” she said.

Margie Patton is a board member of the Barren River Animal Welfare Association, a shelter which took many of the surviving animals from the Edmonson pound:

“It was not a good place at all, and it was kind of hurtful to see animals in that condition, just sitting there,” Patton said, describing what she witnessed when she went to the Edmonson County shelter. “I have been there several times in the past year and a half and it’s always horrendous.”
“They don’t do adoptions. They just let animals sit there and sit there,” she said, adding they either wait for help from another shelter or from a rescue group.

I hate to think of how many years animals literally wasted away in that place while the four contracting counties wrote checks, either knowing it was a shitshow or maintaining a willful ignorance of that fact, and the director’s hubby hid the bodies.  The photo of this dog, who needed help but got death, is heartbreaking.  Number of people arrested for any of this:  zero.

(Thanks Clarice.)

Jacked Up Shelter Staff Charged with Cruelty in VT

Warning:  This is some disturbing shit.

In February 2016, the Vermont Department of Agriculture reportedly inspected a 16 year old cat shelter in Chester called Webster’s House and approved the facility for re-licensing.  In April, a local paper reported that Webster’s House was being evicted by its landlord, forcing the shelter to find homes for its 39 cats.  And:

In an unrelated situation, after a monthlong investigation, Chester Police have sent a report to the State’s Attorney’s office following a complaint of animal cruelty at Webster’s House.

At that time, shelter manager Mary Donaldson characterized the complaint as coming from “a disgruntled former volunteer who complained about the cats not getting proper medical care.”

This week, Donaldson and the vice president of the shelter’s board, Jessica “Remi” Fecteau, were charged with animal cruelty and lying to police. Both women are still living at the now-closed shelter and have pleaded innocent.

About that so-called disgruntled vol and lack of medical care:

The investigation started when one volunteer, Crystal Losee, a local nurse, was told not to go into the bathroom at the shelter and found a dead black cat in a bucket of water.


Crystal was told that they could not take the cat to the vet because of a $4,000 bill they already owed.”

Donaldson and Fecteau had allegedly been drowning sick cats in lieu of getting them veterinary care. And no, you’re not out of the woods yet:

Losee told police Donaldson had told her that “the cat had asked Mary to drown him but she just couldn’t do it so Remi did.”

“Remi told her that after the cat was done fighting, the cat apologized to Remi.


In addition, people at Webster’s House believed in “soul jumping” between the dying cats and the healthy cats, and that Donaldson told another volunteer that one of the cats was “destined to die to be reborn again.”

Court records reveal what appears to be a boatload of crazy-pants:

There were sworn statements from Donaldson and Fecteau, as well as others associated with the now-closed shelter, and it painted a picture of a deteriorating situation at the shelter and shelter volunteers endorsing “body jumping” to transfer the soul of a sick, dying cat into a healthy one.

At one point in December, there were an estimated 70 to 80 cats at the shelter, many of them sick. When the criminal investigation began in January, the number of cats was about half that number.

A state inspector noted the earlier cat population at 80, as did Ann Eddy of the Springfield Humane Society, who also counted about 80 cats, with sick and healthy cats intermingled.

So Webster’s House was drowning sick cats and kittens in order to transfer their souls into the bodies of healthy cats. At the same time, they were housing the sick cats, of which they reportedly had many, with the healthy cats which would obviously result in the healthy cats becoming sick and thereby guarantee a constant supply of souls for the drowning buckets.  Nice bananas system.

By the way, the Rutland Herald reports that Fecteau now works at a mental health facility.  So there’s that.

The lying to police charges likely stem from the various stories Donaldson and Fecteau allegedly told police when asked about the drownings.  They tried everything from “never happened” to “must have drowned in the water dish”.  And when volunteers from area shelters – at Webster’s House to take some of the cats for rehoming before they were evicted – found a freshly drowned cat, Donaldson tried playing the Bitch Set Me Up card:

But the afternoon’s events took a turn for the worse when humane society volunteers found a dead cat, wrapped in a plastic bag, floating in a bucket of water in back of the building. The bucket was covered by a litter box, weighed down by a large rock.

When volunteers confronted Mary Donaldson, the Webster’s House manager about the dead cat, she started yelling that it was a “plant,” and that it wasn’t one of her cats. She refused to look at the cat.

Aaaaaaaaanyway, the Vermont Department of Agriculture has regulations which shelters are required to meet.  A snippet from those regs:


Portion of Vermont’s animal welfare regulations

I will grant you the state inspector might not have known about the soul jumping wackiness because maybe all the Webster’s House peeps were like Ix-nay on the cray-cray while the inspector was around. And maybe he didn’t think it was weird to see water buckets covered with litter boxes and weighed down with rocks. But the inspector would presumably have noted the missing cats, the sick cats housed with the healthy ones and the lack of veterinary care. The last two are clear violations.  So I guess I’m wondering:  How the fuck did the state wave this crackass horror show through for 16 years?  And what is going on at the other state licensed shelters in Vermont?  Can somebody lose their job now, please?

(Thanks Clarice.)


Forsyth Co Punishes Elderly, Suffering Dog for Reacting to His Pain, and Other Horror Stories

The terrible Forsyth Co pound in NC continues to be terrible.  The NC Department of Agriculture failed the facility on its March inspection and this month, fined the county $5200 for numerous violations of state laws.  Among the violations outlined by the state:

  • Animals whose records contained no indication of serious illness or injury were being killed before the 72 hour mandatory holding period.
  • A cat with a leg wound was left for 2 days without veterinary care then killed.
  • Another cat with an injured leg was left without vet care for 2 days, then had instructions issued for vet care and was then immediately killed.
  • A dog with her uterus hanging out was left in a cage without veterinary treatment for nearly 3 full days before someone finally sent a photo to the vet to inquire if she needed any medical care.
  • A sick, one month old kitten whose records contained the notes “eyes possibly blind” and “cat can not eat on its own” was left without vet care to suffer in a cage until she finally died 3 days later.
  • An elderly dog who was barely able to move, exhibiting neurological symptoms, urinating in his bowl, vomiting and having diarrhea in his cage was scheduled for euthanasia 3 days after being surrendered.  While handling the dog in preparation for the euthanasia, a staff member said she was bitten.  The decision was then made to leave the suffering dog in a cage for an additional 10 day rabies hold with a plan to cut off his head and submit it for rabies testing.  The dog was found dead in his cage 9 days into the hold.  He never received any vet care.
  • A dog who was struggling to breathe and unable to move after being run over by a car was left without veterinary care to suffer for more than 24 hours before being killed. Another mangled dog was similarly neglected.
  • A nursing dam was seized for a 10 day bite quarantine along with her litter of 7 puppies.  Pound staff killed the mother and all her puppies after 9 days.  No owner surrender form or other records could be found for the puppies.

While these violations of state code may seem disturbing to some, it’s all in how you look at it:

Tim Jennings, Forsyth County’s animal control director, said after reviewing the violation notice Monday, “It looks like we have some things we need to focus on, prioritize and deal with pretty quickly.”


“They’re outlining some serious issues, and we have to correct those problems,” Jennings said.

He said they strive to keep animals from suffering.

[County manager Dudley] Watts said the civil penalty “comes as an unfortunate surprise to us,” because the county has some years of solid inspections.

“We just haven’t had these kinds of violations emerge. … But we certainly want to make sure that we’re in compliance across all of these issues,” Watts said.

Everybody calm down. It’s not Eyes Possibly Blind kitten left in a cage to starve to death or Dog with Insides Falling Out left to suffer – it’s just issues.  Plus, they’re striving.  So there’s that.

I hate that the county had this unfortunate surprise.  You know who else got an unfortunate surprise?  That cat with the hurt leg who finally got to see a vet after 2 days at the pound but instead of getting treatment, the pound staff decided to give him death.  Treatment sounds like work, amirite?

(Thanks Clarice and Lisa.)

Lincoln Co Animal Advocates Say the Pound is Far From No Kill

On March 21, The Lincoln Times-News in NC ran a lengthy piece on the troubled Lincoln Co pound which included comments from more than a dozen volunteers, rescuers, fosters and former employees.  Some requested their real names not be published in the paper due to fear of reprisal.  It’s been 2 1/2 years since Lincoln Co commissioners unanimously voted to embrace no kill.  The pound continues to kill animals.  Among the concerns expressed by those interviewed for the article:

  • Pound staff kill pets while cages sit empty, sometimes as a means of hurting someone who is trying to save the animals.
  • Cats are placed on the kill list for being feral when they are in fact friendly, socialized animals.
  • Some dogs are placed on the kill list for aggression without any sort of temperament evaluation.  Others are placed on the kill list for treatable conditions such as heartworm or itchy skin.
  • Intact male dogs pulled by rescuers often have chemical burns on their testicles from the bleach poured on the floors.
  • The supposed increase in the pound’s reported live release rate does not include animals who fall over dead in their cages – something that happens at an alarming rate.
  • Inmates perform the only real work that gets done at the pound while county employees smoke, play cards and play on their phones.
  • The pound’s contracted veterinarian is referred to as “Dr. Death” by many volunteers as death is her recommended treatment for many shelter animals, including nearly all the cats in the facility when she first came on board in 2012.

The same night the article ran in the paper, Lincoln Co commissioners held their regular public meeting and criticized the piece, comparing it to tabloid journalism.  It was also announced at the meeting that Dr. Death’s contract had been renewed and she’d been given a huge raise.  The county is currently in the process of hiring a replacement for the pound’s director who is resigning.

(Thanks Clarice for the links.)

“Just the worst shit that you’ve ever seen in your life” at OC Pound

California – Remember when Orange Co Animal Care Director and Chief Veterinarian Jennifer Hawkins was crusading for the right to kill a service dog named Karma because dogs are descended from wolves?  Well she’s got more wacky up her sleeve.  Like reportedly killing an adolescent puppy for being “bratty”.  And in response to two scathing grand jury reports which cited filthy conditions causing animals to get sick and “poor management practices and lack of effective leadership” as the root of many of the facility’s problems, Hawkins addressed animal advocates at a public meeting in September:

As for euthanasia practices, the shelter’s director said the policy is to only put down animals that have health or behaviors that are beyond staff’s ability to manage. Euthanasia rates are down to less than 6 percent this year, said Dr. Jennifer Hawkins[.]

Apparently teen puppy brattiness is beyond her staff’s ability to manage.  But reducing the kill rate to less than six percent sounds good, yes?  I mean, if it weren’t a big fat lie:

Of the 2,050 animals entering the county government’s sole shelter in October, 725 were euthanized, according to data from shelter officials. That makes for a euthanasia rate of 35 percent[.]

Ah, I see. Probably a lot of brats in there though.

Then there’s this:

Lake Forest Councilman James Gardner, who is active on animal issues, says the high euthanasia rate is an indicator of major problems with the way Orange County shelters animals.

While the shelter has many documents and policies about how to kill animals, “they have almost nothing on how do you care for animals. Almost nothing on how do you make [them] marketable to the people,” Gardner said.

The documents include advice on how many animals to put on table at a time when killing them, he added. “Just the worst shit that you’ve ever seen in your life.”

How many animalS? What the mother flippin’ pancake?  No animal should be killed in view of another animal, at any distance, never mind on the same table.  What kind of kill room horror show is going on at Orange Co?

When the shelter is killing as many animals as it does, Gardner said, it makes it harder to get volunteers to care for them.

Gosh, ya think?  I can’t understand why there isn’t a line of animal lovers around the block waiting for their chance to hold down animals on the kill table while they watch their buddies getting snuffed.

“Orange County kills animals because they’re scared – honestly, because animals are scared, they’re put to death.”

Look, I am a human being, thousands of miles away from the Orange Co pound and thinking about that kill room makes *me* scared.  I can only imagine how the animal victims locked up in the place feel.

This month, animal advocates spoke at the Orange Co Board of Supervisors meeting about their ongoing concerns. Advocates say the shelter manipulates data to give the appearance of a lower kill rate, e.g. counting the killing of an entire litter of kittens as one animal. Hawkins tried giving advocates the silent treatment at the meeting:

There was no response from county staff to the claims. Hawkins was watching the comments in the audience, but did not respond. Her spokeswoman didn’t have further comment when asked about the claims after the meeting.

The following day, Hawkins released a short statement saying her agency will be complying with a directive from county supervisors to respond to the claims by an unspecified date.

The county has previously stated that it’s not management’s fault that morale is low among shelter staff – it’s those pesky animal advocates who keep speaking up and demanding transparency and the implementation of proven lifesaving methods and yadda yadda.  I look forward to the next non-response at an unspecified date.  Meantime, go Team Pesky.

(Thanks Clarice.)

IL Veterinarian Accused of Brutal Acts Against Shelter Pets

The Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation has issued a 17 page complaint against Andrew Kaiser, the contracted veterinarian for the Quincy Animal Shelter who also runs a private practice. The document alleges numerous incidents where Kaiser failed to exercise “skill and care” in treating animals. Two of the alleged incidents occurred at the shelter.

Kaiser allegedly strung up a friendly pitbull at the shelter in a chokepole until the dog couldn’t breathe, hanged him then slammed him to the floor. The dog, whom Kaiser was supposed to be vaccinating, was left bleeding from the mouth.

A chihuahua whom Kaiser was supposed to euthanize at the shelter reportedly behaved in an aggressive manner. Kaiser allegedly tightened the noose of a chokepole around the dog’s neck, dragging and choking him inside the cage. The dog ended up breaking several teeth against the cage wall before Kaiser finally dragged him to the ground and stepped on the tiny pet with both feet while injecting him.

The remainder of the incidents allegedly happened at Kaiser’s private clinic and seem to demonstrate a pattern of willful negligence and violence against animals. Surgeries, including declawing and limb amputation, were allegedly performed without pain medications being administered during or after the procedures. Post surgical patients were allegedly left to bleed to death, unattended. When a dog balked at being caged, Kaiser allegedly punched him in the hip repeatedly.

The city of Quincy needs to decide what to do with Kaiser’s contract.  I have suggestions.  The county state’s attorney is dragging his feet too:

KHQA reached out to Adams County State’s Attorney Jon Barnard.

He said his office is waiting for an outside consultant before making a decision on whether to charge Dr. Kaiser with criminal charges.

The outside consultant is reportedly the ASPCA.  They need the ASPCA’s opinion on whether stringing up a 5 pound dog in a chokepole, knocking his teeth out then standing on him with both feet while killing him rises to the level of criminal charges.  Because grey area.

While all of the allegations are horrifying, the one that sticks in my craw the most is the hip punching.  To me, that’s an indication of someone who has been abusing pets for years and knows how to inflict maximum pain without leaving visible marks.  And if the owner noticed the dog limping or crying out after jumping on the bed at home, he’d probably take him right back to Kaiser for treatment.  Nice little business model there.

I hope the city of Quincy and the county state’s attorney don’t take too long consulting on Kaiser’s skill and care.  How many more animals must suffer and die while they make up their minds?

(Thanks Clarice.)

Former WV Pound Director Arrested

A year long police investigation of Carrie Lynn Carr, who ran the Fayette Co pound in WV for several years for the New River HS before retiring last month, has resulted in criminal charges.  Among the allegations against Carr:

  • Severely injured/ill animals, including a dog with her uterus falling out, were hidden in back room cages out of public view until they died instead of receiving veterinary care.
  • Animals were crammed into tiny crates and cages and forced to live there for extended periods of time.  Large animals were unable to turn around or even lie down in their enclosures.
  • Food was tossed onto cage floors, filthy with feces and urine.
  • Individual water bowls were not provided but rather a single bucket of water was available in the facility for animals to drink.
  • A female coonhound was starved at the pound for 8 months.  She developed open sores on her hips which were never treated.
  • Carr submitted payroll records showing she worked 35 hours a week when in fact she never dragged herself in much before 3 pm and left promptly at the 5:30 pm closing time.
  • When minimum wage workers at the pound (which Carr was not) were authorized to receive a 75 cent per hour raise in January 2015 in order to bring them up to the state mandated minimum, she gave herself the same raise.

How lazy and ridiculous were the people at this place?  Here:

The criminal complaint continues to say a “heating crisis” at the animal shelter in the winter of 2014-2015, caused the New River Humane Society to urgently ask the public to donate blankets and portable heaters. The complaint alleges Carr and other employees of the shelter didn’t check the level of propane in their tank and failed to order additional propane to be delivered.

There was reportedly nothing wrong with the heating system- Carr and the other employees simply allowed the propane to run out.

I don’t… I can’t… I just –

Obviously this kind of neglect and abuse does not happen in a vacuum.  There were enablers, notably the New River HS board, which included Carr’s mother and brother.  But it’s all good and sparkly now:

Newly-elected members of the Board of Directors for the New River Humane Society have pledged to take a more ‘hands-on’ approach in overseeing the operations of the Fayette County Animal Control Center.

Gosh, so bold.

They point out that Carr was not working for the New River Humane Society and the Fayette County Animal Control Center when she was arrested.

Remember when President Carter got the American hostages released but Iran agreed to hold them until after Reagan was sworn in?

They say Carr’s actions were not instructed by the NRHS Board of Directors nor were the Board of Directors aware of these actions.

Not instructed? So the board actually didn’t type up a memo telling Carr that when mangled cats or dogs with their guts falling out get impounded, it was protocol to hide them in the dungeon until they eventually suffered to death. Got it.

As far as the board not being aware, that is not an excuse – it’s the problem.

Fayette Co commission president Matt Wender doesn’t want to be outdone on the enabling front, apparently:

Wender, too, became more involved in the shelter, stopping by unannounced over the last year. He said he never saw animals abused. Volunteers and employees had already cleaned cages or were in the process of cleaning them.
Often when he stopped by, volunteers were walking dogs, he said.
“I believe that those now left in charge of the shelter do a good job. Those on the board now are without blame.

Sounds so nice. Any of the dogs being walked have their guts dragging behind them? Just wondering.

Carr has been charged with a felony count of obtaining money under false pretenses, three counts of falsifying accounts and three misdemeanor counts of cruelty to animals. She’s out on a $20,0000 bond.

(Thanks Clarice for the links.)


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