Witness Tells of Botched Killings at Killeen Pound, Police Claim No Witnesses

Screengrab from the city of Killeen's website showing a dog at the pound.

Screengrab from the city of Killeen’s website showing a dog at the pound.

The pound in Killeen, TX has been no safe haven for lost and homeless animals:

In late January 2014, former manager Stacie Sherva was fired after allegations surfaced regarding poor sanitary conditions, injured animals left in cages without veterinary care or pain medication, and the adoption of sick dogs and cats.

Volunteers who have helped care for animals at the pound since that time are voicing serious concerns about current operations.  Volunteers report animals in cages filled with old urine and feces smeared on the walls.  Killeen Police Commander Lee Caufield, who oversees the pound, told the Killeen Daily Herald that he has “reinforced our cleaning policy with all employees”, they’re doing the best they can, blahcetera.

Jerry Hale volunteered at the Killeen pound last October while studying to be a licensed vet tech and told the paper he witnessed two botched dog killings:

“They were just jabbing (the needle) in any place they could,” he said. “They injected them in the stomach, and not intravenously, and they took hours to die.”

Hale said both dogs were still alive when they were placed in plastic bags and moved to a freezer to await incineration.

“I went outside and I threw up,” said Hale, who said he now works as a veterinary technician in Austin. “It was awful.”

Presumably those dogs either suffocated inside their garbage bags, froze to death in the freezer or were burned alive in the incinerator.  But despite the Daily Herald identifying Mr. Hale and speaking with him on the record, the police commander claims there were no witnesses:

 “In reviewing this issue, we were unable to locate anyone who had any information, other than inferring that someone had told them this happened,” he said. “Different replies had different timelines, and the story itself varied depending on the source.”

Right.  Like maybe the dogs suffered for three hours instead of four or they were bagged alive at one o’clock instead of two o’clock or *throws hands in the air* who knows?  It’s all too confusing so we’ll just have to forget about the whole thing.  But just to show he cares, the police commander did have a vet review the killing protocols and will have that vet “provide refresher training on procedures and protocols” which should set everyone’s mind at ease over the whole living dogs in trash bags thing.

Making matters worse for animals in Killeen, the city is slated to begin enforcing its new mandatory spay-neuter-microchip ordinance this month.  MSN has never eliminated or reduced the killing of shelter animals anywhere it’s been tried.  It’s a proven failure with some communities seeing an increase in killing after the passage of MSN.  This is why MSN is opposed by most every major animal welfare group in the country including the No Kill Advocacy Center, ASPCA, Alley Cat AlliesAVMA, and the American College of Theriogenologists.  There is simply no excuse at this point for implementing failed protocols while ignoring those which have been proven to be successful in saving shelter pets.  Killeen’s ordinance is particularly ignorant as it requires puppies and kittens to be spayed and neutered at the age of four months.

This is your public animal shelter, Killeen.  Demand better.

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Video Shows Dog Being Abused at Hesperia Pound

A video posted online shows a whimpering dog being dragged by a leash around the neck at the Hesperia pound in CA:

The video was reportedly taken by a member of the public who was looking for her lost dog at the pound when she saw what appears to be one staff member dragging a dog behind her like a bag of trash while two other city employees have a chat.  But I guess they are all talked out now because they have nothing to say to the local news:

Victor Valley News reporters reached out to the Hesperia Animal Shelter staff, the operator simply said, “The department is aware of it and investigating it”. A message was also left for Cheryl Lewis, a shelter supervisor, who is not yet available for comment on this matter.

Gosh, I wonder how long before Ms. Lewis becomes available for comment:

A past shelter employee, who asked to remain anonymous for legal reasons has identified the alleged people in the video. Victor Valley News will withhold from publishing the name of the person seen dragging the dog until the investigation is complete.  The former employee alleged the two other’s who stood by in the video are Officer Osvaldo Montes and Supervisor Cheryl Lewis. The former employee, also shared that she was let go from her position only after speaking out about some of the happenings at the shelter.


The Hesperia pound reportedly will only allow rescuers to save animals from being killed if they sign an agreement waiving their First Amendment rights with regards to speaking up about abuse at the pound.  That has kept many from going public with their concerns.  In spite of the threats against rescuers, 60 people showed up at an emergency city hall meeting last night.

When the city council was asked about the legality of violating the Constitutional rights of rescuers, the city attorney responded, “This might not be satisfactory” and said he’d look into the matter.

The meeting went four and a half hours, with most of the speakers advocating on behalf of the shelter pets:

Stephanie Lonsdale, an animal advocate that is known in the community for speaking up for the well-being of animals mentioned that the Hesperia Animal Shelter currently has a 70% kill rate. The 70% kill rate equals 7 out of 10 animals entering the shelter being euthanized rather than reunited or adopted. “The shelters do not utilize the free sites that are available to them to place these animals,” said Lonsdale.

Of course there’s one in every bunch:

“I believe it was misjudgment, not abuse. Ideally the dog would not be there or the dog would have been socialized,” said Lisa Wilson.

Yeah, the slutty whoredog was prolly drunk and asking for it and the owners are all the suck too.

Oh and the unwashed owners, who have since irresponsibly reclaimed their pet, showed up to speak for their dog:

Of all the speakers, the most touching, bringing tears to the speaker as well as, much of the crowd was the dog’s owner, Tracie Carpenter.

“I don’t have fancy things to tell you, like a lot of the people here. I am not going to use crazy big words or rescue terminology. I am here on behalf of Mia, who is my dog.  She is not a 60 pound dog that can not be carried, she is 47 pounds. She is not unsociable, she is a beautiful girl and very lovable, she was scared, the floor was slippery,” said Carpenter with her voice cracking due to her emotions on the treatment of her dog.

“She was in the shelter for just over 24 hours and I have no idea how the rest of her stay was there. If it is going to happen to a dog that belongs to somebody, that is loved, that has a good home, that has someone to care for them, it can also happen to the ones that have no one to speak for them, the dogs that are being euthanized, the ones that are being put to sleep, the ones you don’t hear anything about, the ones who do not have anyone to come here and stand before you gentlemen to explain that they do not have any behavioral issues, it was a good dog, she is a wonderful dog.”

Any questions as to where the haters can stick their “misjudgment”?

The city council says they love animals and will take the matter seriously and blah:

The city is encouraging anyone with concerns to email socialmedia@cityofhesperia.us.

Right.  Funnel all the concerns to one faceless email account where they can sit and rot.

OR, you can contact the Hesperia city council members directly and ask that a complete and transparent investigation be conducted and all applicable criminal charges filed:

Eric Schmidt, Mayor; email eschmidt@cityofhesperia.us
Bill Holland, Mayor Pro Tem; email bholland@cityofhesperia.us.
Russell “Russ” Blewett, Council Member; email rblewett@cityofhesperia.us.
Mike Leonard, Council Member; email mleonard@cityofhesperia.us.
Paul Russ, Council Member; email pruss@cityofhesperia.us.

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Martin Co Pound Director Fired and Arrested

Martin Co Animal Control on Landfill Road in Williamston, NC is open from 8:30 – 10:00 am and 3:30 – 4:30 pm, Monday through Friday.  The website says, with a straight face:

The Martin County Animal encourages animal adoption. […] Please come by during the hours above to consider pets for adoption.

There do not appear to be any listings for lost or adoptable pets on the website.

In 2013, Martin Co AC took in close to 1400 dogs and cats, killing 67% of them. That year, Henley “Pete” Brock was promoted by the county from Lead ACO to Director of the pound.

On February 9, 2015, Brock allegedly attempted to kill a cat then placed the pet in a freezer. The animal was found alive the next morning. Three days later, Brock allegedly attempted to kill another cat then left the facility. An ACO found the pet still alive and brought the animal to a vet where he was re-killed. The first cat is reportedly still alive. The NC Department of Agriculture has suspended Brock’s kill license while it investigates.

An agriculture department spokesman said they have also notified other authorities of possible missing narcotics at the animal shelter. The Martin County Sheriff’s Office referred questions back to the county manager on whether they were also conducting an investigation.

Based upon Brock’s alleged failure to lock up and account for the controlled substances used to kill animals as well as the two botched attempts at cat killings, Martin Co fired Brock. Sounds like he took it well:

WITN News has learned that Brock was arrested today by deputies on a charge of communicating threats. The victim was a former co-worker of Brock’s, according to deputies.

Brock has bonded out of jail. I hope once the state’s (and possibly the county sheriff’s) investigation is complete, all applicable criminal charges related to Brock’s activities at the pound will be brought. Right now, he is not charged with any animal-related crimes.  And I’m not holding my breath while waiting.

Respectful letters demanding a complete and transparent investigation into all possible criminal activities at the Martin Co pound may be sent to:

Do better, Martin Co.  On everything.

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Klein Animal Shelter in Jacksonville, TX: Priorities

Warning: Disturbing photos

clean truck

Screengrab from Facebook

This screengrab from Facebook appears to show a 2013 posting from Klein Animal Shelter director Angela Wallace who was charged with felony animal cruelty this year.  The caption indicates that her staff at the shelter “finished up early” and had time to wash her truck for her.  We now know from state documents and photographs that what the staff finished up early was neglecting and torturing animals.

Cats in a filthy cage at the Klein Animal Shelter.

Cats in a filthy cage at the Klein Animal Shelter.

State documents indicate that dead animals were left to pile up in cages at Klein because none of the employees wanted to risk soiling their vehicles by driving the remains to the dump for disposal.

Waste trough at Klein Animal Shelter.  A pair of animal legs is visible hanging out the back of a cage into the trough.

Waste trough at Klein Animal Shelter. A pair of animal legs is visible hanging out the back of a cage into the trough.

Animals suffering in filth. Dead animals piled up in cages. But the staff had time to wash the director’s truck.

The city of Jacksonville, along with several other cities, paid Klein for sheltering services for years. If you are a taxpayer in one of these cities, you paid for this.

(Thanks Stephen Pope for sending me these photos.)

State Photos and Documents from Klein Animal Shelter in Texas

WARNING: This post is hidden behind a jump for good reason. It contains text and photos of shelter pet abuse which will disturb you. Not may disturb – not some of you – this post will disturb all of you. None of the images are gratuitous and they all are from a file maintained by the Texas Department of State Health Services. All the images and documents are a matter of public record, available via FOIA request.  If you share the story online, please link to this post and not directly to the page below the fold so that readers can decide whether they want to proceed before they actually see any images.  There will be an additional warning on the page itself.  This material is not appropriate for children.

There is no shame in choosing not to look. If you feel unable to proceed, trust your judgment. We all need to take care of ourselves first so that we can continue to care for others.

Regular readers are familiar with the abuse allegations at the Klein Animal Shelter in Texas which I have covered here, here and here.  The text and photos from the Klein facility which I’m posting today are far worse than what has previously appeared on the blog about Klein.  I wrestled with the decision about which photos to publish and even whether to publish at all.  I lost sleep over these photos.  I wished I could “unsee” them and had to carefully consider subjecting my readers to the horror they depict.  I ultimately decided to publish because I believe there is significant value in sharing this story. My hope is that it will bring greater awareness to a subject covered regularly here but too often ignored by media and, if it reaches local taxpayers, will motivate them to take action and demand justice for the crimes alleged in these documents and photos.  This is why I blog.

(Thank you Stephen Pope for sending me the docs and photos obtained via FOIA request.)

Case Update: Former Van Wert Co Dog Warden Sentenced

Six cats in a trap on the floor of the Van Wert Co Humane Society,

Six cats in a trap on the floor of the Van Wert Co Humane Society, photographed by the Van Wert Co sheriff’s office on July 20, 2014, as shown on limaohio.com.

Regular readers may recall that last year Rich Strunkenburg, the dog warden for Van Wert Co in Ohio, was indicted on 4 felony counts of animal cruelty.  Strunkenburg was reportedly tossing animals into cages and leaving them there with no veterinary care, food, or water, to suffer and die in their own waste.  On July 20, 2014, a concerned citizen contacted the sheriff’s office, which oversees the pound, and that’s when investigators discovered the dead and dying animals.  The prosecutor said at the time of indictment that due to the severity of the crimes, he would argue for the maximum sentence of 4 years in prison and a $10,000 fine.  In a plea deal, Strunkenberg pleaded guilty last month to two felony counts.

Emaciated dog, photographed by the Van Wert Co sheriff's office on July 20, 2014, as shown on limaohio.com.

Emaciated dog in filth at the Van Wert Co Humane Society, photographed by the Van Wert Co sheriff’s office on July 20, 2014, as shown on limaohio.com.

This week, Strunkenberg was sentenced:  90 days in jail with work release privileges along with some additional conditions including community service.  His attorney argued that Strunkenberg had been overwhelmed by his duties as the sole pound employee.  Despite that fact that investigators found no animals had been given food or water, Strunkenberg told the judge:

“I did not starve any animals.  […]  I feel real bad for what happened.I know there were things I could have probably done a little better.”

At sentencing, the judge noted that nothing in the investigation indicated Strunkenberg ever asked for help or tried to improve the situation at the pound.

The question of supervision on the part of the sheriff’s office remains unaddressed.  Strunkenburg was on the job for 12 years.  It seems reasonable to believe that this level of cruelty and neglect did not arise in a vacuum the day before the sheriff’s office investigated the citizen complaint.  Whose responsibility was it to provide supervision to Strunkenberg for the past 12 years and what action has been taken against that person for failing to do his job?  Will the sheriff’s office bother providing any supervision to Strunkenburg’s successor?  Taxpayers need to hold their elected officials and public servants accountable for these horrifying failures and demand guarantees of transparency and meaningful reform.  Otherwise, there would seem to be little hope for the animals at the Van Wert Co pound.

(Thanks Clarice for the links.)

State Inspection Report on Klein Shelter Documents Animal Suffering and Inhumane Conditions

Photo documenting filthy conditions at the Klein Animal Shelter (Photo posted on the KE website.)

Photo documenting filthy conditions at the Klein Animal Shelter (Photo posted on the KETK website.)

Note:  This is the latest post following the animal cruelty arrests of 3 employees of the Klein Animal Shelter in Texas. The previous posts are here and here. Some details may be disturbing to sensitive readers.

Acting on a tip, two inspectors from the Texas Department of State Health Services made a surprise inspection at the Klein Animal Shelter on January 14. Angela Hopkins and veterinarian Melinda Hergert found director Angela Wallace and a volunteer were the only people inside the facility. The volunteer was washing dishes in “filthy water”:

“This is not an unusual finding, and Angela Wallace has been told before about dirty dish and mop water,” Hergert said.

Wallace told Dr. Hergert that she hadn’t taken a day off in 3 months until the day prior and that she walked into the shelter in its current state that morning. Inspectors found that most cages were full of urine and feces, some overflowing, and many cages were too small for the dogs they housed.

Wallace was cleaning outdoor runs on the shelter’s back porch where several dogs were stacked in carriers. The crated dogs had no bedding and had been left outside all night in the sub-freezing temperatures, shivering in their own waste. One of the crated puppies had been impounded with parvo and left to freeze to death. Dr. Hergert notes in her report that Wallace had been told in past that dogs can not be housed outdoors in crates. Wallace told the vet that after cleaning, she intended to get the intakes registered and start killing animals.

Inside, Dr. Hergert found two runs housing dams with litters. A litter of six puppies, including one deceased pup, were all huddled together on a floor covered in waste and pools of dried blood. The mama dog had her chin resting on the dead pup.  They had no bedding and one bowl containing “old or contaminated food”. In her report, Ms. Hopkins described the bowl as having “a substance in it that I could not identify” with mold on top.

The volunteer told Dr. Hergert that she had informed Wallace of the dead puppy in the cage. When asked by Dr. Hergert, Wallace denied any knowledge of the deceased pup and stopped cleaning to remove the pup. At that point, Dr. Hergert called police to report that they had better come to the shelter because animal cruelty was taking place.

In addition to the two dead pups, inspectors also found two severely injured dogs who had been left to suffer in filth – one with a broken back who was unable to move and another with two broken legs that had been wrapped in a soft, dirty bandage without any stabilizing support.

Cats were also housed inhumanely, some in filthy crates, with overflowing litter boxes and dirty food and water bowls. Ms. Hopkins states that Wallace had been told several times in past that this inappropriate housing is unacceptable.

Although no past inspection reports on the Klein shelter have been published, the references to previous warnings about sub-standard practices leave little doubt that the situation on January 14 was not the result of the director taking a day off.  And since these deficiencies were previously noted, what action was taken to ensure compliance?  Were Wallace’s employers notified that the person they were paying to run the shelter lacks basic dishwashing skills?  How could they possibly have entrusted rabies quarantine and public health issues to this person?  Did anyone from any of the municipalities which contracted with Klein ever actually visit the place?  Where is the accountability for this condemnable use of taxpayer dollars?

(Thanks Clarice and Arlene for the links.)

Helmetta Pound’s Former Director and Assistant Director Charged with Animal Cruelty

New Jersey – Late last year, both the Helmetta mayor and the then-director of the Helmetta pound dismissed complaints from animal advocates, despite the fact that multiple agencies had found serious faults with the facility including mixing sick animals in with healthy ones, animals living in filthy cages, and importing dogs from the south without health clearances.  Yesterday the former director and assistant director were charged with multiple counts of animal cruelty:

The New Jersey SPCA has charged Michal and Richard Cielesz with six counts apiece of animal cruelty. Half of the charges are third degree offenses, punishable by three to five years behind bars apiece.

The others are lesser disorderly persons offenses, punishable by up to a $1,000 fine and six months in jail apiece.

Details on the charges:

Authorities say that on the Cieleszs watch, three dogs were allegedly left outdoors for an extended period of time in poor weather conditions. Three disorderly persons charges have been filed against each for failing to provide proper care and shelter for the dogs. If found guilty, the Cieleszs could face a fine of up to $1000 per count, and up to six months in jail.

Three third-degree criminal charges have been filed against each Cielesz for failing to properly care for three cats, which were removed from the facility following the NJSPCA’s Nov. 13 inspection of the facility. All three cats died shortly after, with some ordered euthanized by a veterinarian.

The former director and assistant director, husband and wife, have been hiding from the media since the charges were filed, as has Helmetta’s mayor.  The future of the facility is unclear at this time but the NJSPCA says all the animals have been removed.

(Thanks Clarice for the links.)

UPDATED: More on Klein Animal Shelter Cruelty

Texas – In addition to the Klein Animal Shelter’s director, who was charged with multiple counts including felony animal cruelty, another former employee who was certified to kill animals has been arrested and charged with cruelty.  A third arrest is expected today.  The Jacksonville police chief is asking former pound employees who witnessed crimes to contact police and give a statement.

The cities who contracted with the Klein facility for animal control are all developing individual plans for handling lost and homeless pets.  Tragically, the city of Tyler “is developing euthanasia guidelines to manage populations long term” instead of embracing a proven model which would make lifesaving a priority.

Klein is being emptied out by private rescue groups.  All the cats are now out of the building and a number of dogs have been removed as well.  The killing apologist who was “not surprised” to hear that dogs were being kicked to death and cats were being strangled at Klein because it’s a hard job and blah, is quoted in several articles complaining that no one is giving her any animals.  I put that down as a win for the pets.

Meanwhile, KLTV decided to follow the money.  Specifically, the city of Tyler has been contracting the Klein facility to take its animals since 2007:

Invoices on record with the city of Tyler indicate that Klein Animal Shelter was paid between $43.00 and $72.00 for each domestic animal. Over the past five months, the charges totaled $57,341.50 paid to the shelter for 557 cats, 626 dogs, and one ferret.

Tyler is just one of several cities that reportedly paid Klein for AC services.  I wonder if Klein’s books will show how the money was spent, seeing as strangling cats to death is you know, free.

KLTV also raises the issue of accountability:

With charges against shelter employees mounting on the heels of a six-month investigation by police, the scrutiny now turns to whether any entity was required to monitor the shelter.


[Texas Health and Safety Code, Section 823] requires that the shelter separate animals by species, sex, and size; comply with housing and sanitation laws; and that the governing city or municipality appoint an advisory committee to assist with compliance.

So was there an advisory committee?  And if so, what have they been doing all these years while animals were being tortured and killed on the taxpayer’s dime?  Where is the committee now?  Maybe they are with the Klein Animal Shelter board of directors – in a spider hole.

Our shelter system is broken, in part due to the fact that there are little to no legal requirements for transparency and accountability.  Too many cities and counties attempt to hide what’s happening at the local shelter while shielding the animal abusers who work there.  Employees at these facilities know they are free to starve, torture and kill animals at will.  And it’s literally no one’s job to poke their head in the place once a year to see what’s going on and file a public report.  Municipalities keep taxing their residents, writing checks to animal abusers and calling it a day.  Taxpayers deserve better.  Animals deserve better.  Only one of us can advocate for reform.

(Thank you Clarice and Arlene for the links.)

UPDATE, added January 22:  A total of three Klein employees have now been arrested and charged in connection with this case.  Director Angela Wallace was arrested last week and KLTV reports some details on the other two:

Jason Craft was charged with misdemeanor cruelty to non-livestock animals. His bond was set at $1,000. Ashley Ruhl was charged with felony cruelty to non-livestock animals – torture. Her bond was set at $2,500.

Both Craft and Ruhl posted bond and have been released.

From there, the article spirals down into blame the public hysteria and the myth of pet overpopulation so be forewarned.  It seems that even in the face of criminal charges against shelter workers, some people are still willing to levy their harsh judgment against us regular folks who happen to love and own pets.

(Thanks Clarice for the update.)

UPDATED: Arrest Warrants Issued for TX Pound Employees: Multiple Charges Include Animal Torture

CLOSED FOR MAINTENANCE – That’s the sign hanging on the door at the Klein Animal Shelter in Jacksonville, TX.  The “maintenance” appears to be arresting the workers for torturing animals.  Director Angela Wallace was arrested on Friday and charged with assault, illegal “euthanasia” and animal cruelty with additional charges pending.  She has reportedly bonded out.  Arrest warrants have been issued for 3 other pound employees and additional arrests are possible.  The arrests come after police were tipped off to criminal activity at the pound and a 6 month investigation was conducted.

It sounds like the staff may have known what was coming and tried their best to hide evidence by hastily killing every animal whose condition could be used against them in court:

Dr. Gary Spence, of Spence and White Veterinary Hospital, says at first, his inspection of Klein Animal Shelter after Wallace’s arrest revealed nothing out of the ordinary.

“What I saw was a clean facility. They had obviously gone in and cleaned it with some heavy duty cleaning. We went cage to cage to cage and just saw healthy animals,” he says.

But Dr. Spence says that changed when he got to the shelter’s freezers.

“I just kind of went blank… I opened the second one and it was full to the top and none of the animals in it were frozen. They had all been in there less than 24 hours,” says Dr. Spence.

He says dozens of dogs, cats, puppies and kittens were all hastily euthanized before an inspection by the state.

But apparently there were still some abused animals left after the freezer was full.  A chihuahua was found with both his front legs broken, having been left to suffer at the pound for more than a month without care.  A dog with a broken back was left untreated in a cage for 7 days, unable to move out of his own waste.  The dog will now receive lifesaving surgery but will be paralyzed.

The Department of State Health Services revoked the facility’s rabies quarantine certification on Friday:

DSHS issues rabies quarantine certifications to shelters that show they meet minimum standards to assure that animals can be humanely and effectively quarantined.

Obviously the Klein facility no longer qualified as meeting those minimum standards, what with all the animal torture arrests and such.

Even so, there will always be killing apologists:

“I’m not surprised, the Klein shelter has been overburdened for a number of years,” says Debora Dobbs, director of operations at SPCA East Texas, “To take on a city the size of Tyler, for them to try and service those animals, we as the SPCA never felt like they were really large enough to do that without a very high volume of euthanasia.”

Disgusting.  And patently false.  Also:  totally creepy, considering we’re talking about people being criminally charged for torturing animals here.

There are still approximately 100 animals at the pound and private rescues are willing to help.  Municipalities that contracted with Klein for AC are taking their animals elsewhere for the time being.

I’m hoping there will be some additional information available on this story today.  Please let me know if you see something.

(Thanks Clarice and Arlene for the links.)

UPDATE, added January 20:  I haven’t seen anything new on the additional arrest warrants that were issued.  But a former employee told KETK that when she worked at the Klein pound, she saw many dogs put into cages then killed within 5 minutes, never receiving any opportunity for vet care, behavioral assessment or even a kind word.

Dr. Spence, the veterinarian who discovered all the freshly killed pets piled to the top of the freezer, says there are still 100 living animals inside the pound and the board won’t accept help:

“Got their door locked,” said Spence. “They wont let the SPCA or Nicholas Pet Haven in. They won’t let them in to take some of these animals. Supposedly, their board has been in an emergency meeting for the last three days, so their making it difficult.”

“We need to think up some way to explain how we knew nothing of the animal torture and killing going on right under our noses all this time.  We’re keeping the door locked until we have some sort of defense fabricated to cover our asses.  No one’s getting in to help the animals.  Fuck the animals.  That’s the last thing we should be worried about.” – Three day emergency board meeting, probably.


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