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The new shelter director in Moore Co, NC instituted some major changes after taking charge:  Rescue groups without a 501(c)3 are no longer allowed to save animals from the kill room and volunteers are now prohibited from walking dogs and caring for shelter pets on days the place is closed.  Instead paid staff will come by for 2 hours on those days.  Moore Co took in 3206 dogs and cats in 2013, killing 2172 of them – a 68% kill rate.  More than a dozen volunteers have reportedly quit this summer.

The mayor of Magnolia, AR issued a statement blaming “negligent owners”, lack of funding, and lack of manpower for the illness and killing of dogs at the overcrowded city pound.  Gosh, if only there was some way he could effect change in Magnolia.  But the mayor says it’s a “problem that can only be helped by our own citizens” because hey, he’s only the boss of the entire city.  (Thanks Bonnie for the link.)

A man who helped a woman rescue stray cats in their AL neighborhood stabbed her to death.  (Thanks Valerie.)

MN police chief killed a boy’s pet chicken because reasons: chickens carry diseases/didn’t realize he chopped the head off and left it behind for family to find/going to introduce legislation to allow chickens so it’s all good.

The Spot Abuse campaign is designed to increase awareness of the link between animal abuse and other forms of domestic violence.  (Thanks Ona for the link.)

The Pennsylvania SPCA brings puppies and kittens to the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania so workers can relieve stress by cuddling the pets on their breaks.  (Thanks April.)

Images of Soviet space dogs in pop culture.

Primer on British animal idioms for dumb Americans.

Requiem for a Shark Dog

Treats on the Internets

The pound in Orange Co, CA is being sued by a rescuer who claims the facility is not complying with the state’s rescue access law and killing animals before their mandated holding period expires.

Pitbulls.  With flowers.  On their heads.  (Thanks Valerie for the link.)

A cat owner writes about his life with his pet of 19 years.  (Thanks Valerie.)

In the One Day This Might Be Possible category, there is debate about whether we should attempt to recreate extinct species.  Looking at the passenger pigeon (the last of whom, named Martha, died 100 years ago today), scientists wonder if recreated versions of the birds could survive in the wild and if so, what about their destroyed habitat which, in part, is what caused them to go extinct in the first place?  (Thanks Valerie.)

Science:  People look like their pets

In the wake of the controversy over expensive coffee made from civet droppings, a Canadian man came up with the idea of using elephants for the same job – only bigger.  (Thanks Valerie.)

I’m still waiting for my pizzaaaaaaaaaaa!

I was going to adopt this little guy but the paws… so big.

Treats on the Internets

What taking responsibility looks like.  (Thank you Davyd for the link.)

YouTube video purports to show flooded dog kennels at Miami Dade Animal Services.  Anyone have any additional info on this?  (Thanks Arlene.)

City officials in Lowell, MA are alerting dog owners to the dangers of parvo, which has reportedly killed 15 area dogs this month.  They don’t seem to mention how treatable the disease is which unfortunately may lead owners of sick dogs to believe they have no options.

The carcass of a conjoined dolphin, estimated to be 1 year old, washed ashore in Turkey.  (Warning:  dead animal photo.)

Zoo tragedy:  A 3 year old manatee who was born in captivity and transferred to a zoo in Paris last month drowned in his tank.

An alligator in FL, estimated at 6 feet, also long on manners.  (Thanks Valerie.)

It’s not much of a vacation if you don’t have your guinea pig.  (Thanks Rachel.)

I want a body that also serves as a hammock when I feel a nap coming on.  (Thanks Arlene.)

Treats on the Internets

Officials in St. Landry Parish, LA are attempting to infringe upon the First Amendment rights of volunteers by issuing a social media policy designed to prevent criticism of the pound.  (Thank you Clarice for the link.)

The pound in Linden, NJ is under state investigation for failing to hold animals for the mandatory period among other things.  The state recently sent an inspector to the facility and she failed the place after finding 30 violations.  The wacky Linden mayor says he wants documentation to prove the violations are real.  (Thanks Clarice.)

A commissioner in Hocking Co, OH says he doesn’t think the county will appeal last month’s court ruling ordering the local pound to stop gassing animals because it’s inhumane.  (Thanks Arlene.)

MI lottery winner says she will use her $66 million winnings to make sure her family is financially secure but she’d also like to open a no kill shelter.  (Thanks Karen.)

A post on grief and mourning as exhibited by a wide variety of animals.

A Republican county prosecutor in WA has been unopposed in 10 terms.  A Tibetan terrier is changing that.  (Thanks Valerie.)

Video apparently from the 1950s shows bioastronautic researchers studying the effects of zero gravity on cats and birds (separately).  The cats actually aren’t freaking out as much as I would have thought.  (Thanks Valerie.)

We just missed* running into these 6 and 1/2 feet tall penguins.

*by 37 million years

Treats on the Internets

After several dogs died at the Huntsville pound in AL this month, the director, who is also a veterinarian, issued a plea for fosters to take dogs.  Many of the dogs were suffering from a respiratory virus (vaccination upon intake, anyone?) and a bacterial infection and she wanted them out of the building so her staff could properly clean (maybe they should have been cleaning properly all along?).  She told the local news that owners of vaccinated dogs needn’t worry about taking in her sick dogs from her contaminated facility (!) and threatened to kill the dogs if the public didn’t step up.  (Thanks Brie and Adrianne for the link.)

The Clayton Co pound in GA killed 23 animals last Thursday, 7 of whom were slated for rescue.  The pound director claims he didn’t know the pets were going to rescue and says he’s continuing on his path to making the pound no kill.  Which seems to be going super.  (Thanks to everyone who sent me this story.)

A rescue volunteer in Macon, GA was arrested on a burglary charge related to her work with the rescue.  The group had learned she was keeping animals at an abandoned home without electricity or running water but after she was jailed, the vol refused to reveal the animals’ location.  The group was eventually able to find the home and save 15 cats and 1 dog who were left in small carriers inside the hot home.  One cat had already died.  The vol has been charged with 17 counts of aggravated animal cruelty, all felonies.  (Thanks Arlene for the link.)

Scientists agree:  everyone loves cute animals, even toddlers.  It’s apparently a trait we’re born with, which makes you seriously wonder how pound workers can kill adorable animals for a living instead of doing their actual jobs.  (Thanks Valerie for the link.)

In February 1953, one of Ernest Hemingway’s beloved cats was gravely injured.  Hemingway shot him to end his suffering then wrote this letter about it.

Cat feeding unit designed for multi-cat homes uses facial recognition software to dispense food fairly and prevent piggy kitties from taking over the world.  (Thanks Valerie.)

A dog rescue romance novel, free on Kindle.  Alternate titles, I has them:  Rawhide and Prejudice, 50 Shades of Bichon Frise, A Walk to Remember for 8 Seconds and Then I Need Another One…  (Thanks Karen for the link.)

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Treats on the Internets

Law enforcement tracked a suspect to a trailer park in Coffee Co, GA.  Families were outside including a dog, who ran up to one of the officers.  The sheriff’s deputy opened fire in the direction of the dog, missing him and instead shooting a 10 year old boy through the knee.  As we have said countless times, police encountering dogs need more tools in the toolbox besides GUN.  (Thanks Lis for the link.)

A deputy in Prince Edward Co, VA was serving a civil warrant at a home whose residents were away on June 27.  The deputy says the family’s golden retriever lunged at him.  He shot the pet twice in response and the dog bled to death.  (Thanks Clarice for the link.)

A NJ couple who was up with their newborn child in the middle of the night saw their 8 year old french bulldog escape.  Police picked the dog up quickly and turned him over to the local ACO.  The dog was found dead at the shelter a few hours later.  Police are investigating.  (Thanks Judy for the link.)

A lawyer in CA who loved cats left approximately $800,000 to the Marin Humane Society in his will, specifically earmarking it for cats.  The organization’s 2013 report indicates it received approximately 5700 live animals and killed 1300 of them – a kill rate of roughly 23%.  (Thanks Arlene.)

In honor of one of the children killed in the 2012 Newtown shooting massacre, a foundation is planning to open an animal sanctuary in 2016.  Six year old Catherine Violet Hubbard is remembered as an animal lover who collected returnable bottles and cans to raise money for treats for shelter dogs.  She also made business cards for a pretend shelter, listing herself as “caretaker”.  (Thanks Valerie.)

Seattle Mayor Ed Murray raised awareness for the city shelter’s foster and adoption programs yesterday by renaming city hall “Kitty Hall” and inviting foster kittens to mingle with the media and the public.  (Thanks Karen for the link.)

If you don’t have your own playful platypus in a pool, you can still get your fix.  (Thanks Valerie.)

Treats on the Internets

Paws up:  The Cleveland Co shelter in NC has removed its gas chamber.  Paws down:  Despite an additional $200,000 allotted for the shelter in the new county budget, the county expects to continue killing healthy/treatable animals.  (Thank you Clarice for the link.)

Petty vindictiveness from PETA and the state vet board threaten lifesaving efforts in TX shelters.  (Thanks Clarice.)

Anyone know if MSN went into effect today in Macon, GA?  I haven’t seen anything in the news about it since it was passed by the city council last year.  MSN is a proven failure and has never ended or significantly reduced the killing of shelter pets anywhere it’s been tried.  (Thanks Valerie.)

Reader Lisa reports that her organization Hospets, which helps keep pets with hospice patients and senior citizens needing assistance, is halfway to its fundraising goal to build a physical shelter for pets whose owners are temporarily hospitalized.  (Thanks Lisa for the link.)

An alligator in FL used a pedestrian crosswalk to cross the street to an adjacent pond.  Good gator, no ticket.  (Thanks Valerie.)

This small wild cat is totally on to your hidden camera shenanigans.  Note:  I suggest waiting to watch this vid until you are someplace it won’t matter if you start giggling like a schoolgirl.  (Thanks Valerie.)

Treats on the Internets

A tragic story about a cat in NJ who was severely injured after being tortured by a group of children, saved by other kids, then turned away by every public facility that could have helped him.  The cat suffered for 2 days before finally being euthanized by a vet.  (Thank you Karen for the link.)

The Young-Williams Animal Center in TN killed more than 100 cats in response to a panleukopenia outbreak.  The CEO blames the virus on the pound’s open admission status but doesn’t mention what, if any, measures the facility takes to avoid and minimize exposure.  (Thank you Luke for the link.)

An article centered on transporting homeless dogs from the south to the north which fails to mention why that sucks and gets everything else wrong too.  (Thanks Valerie for the link.)

The Humane Society of Fremont Co in CO announced it will no longer be paying its board of directors.  Hopefully that money will be put into lifesaving efforts.  (Thanks Davyd.)

Henry Co AC in GA is somehow quarantining an entire neighborhood for 31 days after several rabid raccoons and foxes were found in the area.  (Thanks Valerie.)

Never mind the bird predation hysteria (billions and billions!) from feral cat haters, the US government killed 4 million animals, mostly birds, last year under the guise of eradicating threats from wildlife.

Treats on the Internets

A second dog owner has filed a $1 million lawsuit against the Fort Worth vet accused of keeping pets alive for medical experiments after their owners signed euthanasia forms.  The dog, a chihuahua named Hercules, was found at the clinic at the time of the police raid, months after the owner had requested euthanasia to end the dog’s suffering.  After the raid, two other vets recommended euthanasia for Hercules and the owners consented.  (Thanks Arlene for the link.)

The long troubled Humane Society of Fremont County in CO is looking for a new executive director which hopefully signifies meaningful reform at the facility.  (Thanks Davyd for the link.)

A TN woman who operated a business training dogs as service animals has been charged with 12 cruelty related counts after police found starving dogs living in cages inside a filthy barn.  40 living dogs were seized and 37 bags containing decomposed dog carcasses were found as well.  (Thanks Arlene.)

The kind of thing we like to read:  Denver police officer stops traffic, issues a radio bulletin to other officers and gives owner a ride in his patrol car to save loose dog.  (Thanks Davyd.)

Another tool in the toolbox:  The No Kill Advocacy Center has posted a 20 page document on The Myth of Pet Overpopulation.  Share it online or print it out for sharing with your local officials and anyone else you think might benefit from the information.

Photo of the week:  Fox lines up at an ATM in England, nobody bats an eye.

Updated: Treats on the Internets

Two dogs who were picked up by the lone ACO for the city of Kenedy, TX died overnight six days later.  Animal advocates have alleged abuse at the city facility, which has a 5% adoption rate, but the ACO says the city has “adequate” amounts of food and water for the dogs, therefore the allegations are moot.

An Avondale, AZ ACO was arrested after witnesses called 911 to report the on duty, uniformed officer allegedly driving drunk in his city vehicle.  The ACO has been placed on administrative leave.  (Thanks Clarice for the link.)

The pound in Surry Co, NC has put someone new in charge and is now opening its doors to rescues.  A group recently drove from VA, where shelter pets are also killed, to take a couple dozen dogs from Surry Co.

The city of Amarillo, TX has been plagued with allegations of cruelty by pound workers, including disturbing video evidence which has surfaced online.  This week, the city council proposed two amended ordinances to give pound employees increased ability to charge citizens with cruelty.  Anyone minding the store?

Miami area high school students studying to be veterinary technicians find homes for 500 dogs a year, preventing the pets from ending up at the pound.  The school is under renovation and students are hoping to place all the dogs currently in residence before they must vacate.  (Thanks Valerie.)

Added:  The former GA shelter director who was convicted of 60 felony counts has been sentenced today by a judge to 25 years in prison (must serve 15 years) and a $30,000 fine.  The fraud and theft felonies are related to the “Lucky Dog” scam in which she pocketed donations to keep pets alive and then killed the animals.


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