Treats on the Internets

Law enforcement tracked a suspect to a trailer park in Coffee Co, GA.  Families were outside including a dog, who ran up to one of the officers.  The sheriff’s deputy opened fire in the direction of the dog, missing him and instead shooting a 10 year old boy through the knee.  As we have said countless times, police encountering dogs need more tools in the toolbox besides GUN.  (Thanks Lis for the link.)

A deputy in Prince Edward Co, VA was serving a civil warrant at a home whose residents were away on June 27.  The deputy says the family’s golden retriever lunged at him.  He shot the pet twice in response and the dog bled to death.  (Thanks Clarice for the link.)

A NJ couple who was up with their newborn child in the middle of the night saw their 8 year old french bulldog escape.  Police picked the dog up quickly and turned him over to the local ACO.  The dog was found dead at the shelter a few hours later.  Police are investigating.  (Thanks Judy for the link.)

A lawyer in CA who loved cats left approximately $800,000 to the Marin Humane Society in his will, specifically earmarking it for cats.  The organization’s 2013 report indicates it received approximately 5700 live animals and killed 1300 of them – a kill rate of roughly 23%.  (Thanks Arlene.)

In honor of one of the children killed in the 2012 Newtown shooting massacre, a foundation is planning to open an animal sanctuary in 2016.  Six year old Catherine Violet Hubbard is remembered as an animal lover who collected returnable bottles and cans to raise money for treats for shelter dogs.  She also made business cards for a pretend shelter, listing herself as “caretaker”.  (Thanks Valerie.)

Seattle Mayor Ed Murray raised awareness for the city shelter’s foster and adoption programs yesterday by renaming city hall “Kitty Hall” and inviting foster kittens to mingle with the media and the public.  (Thanks Karen for the link.)

If you don’t have your own playful platypus in a pool, you can still get your fix.  (Thanks Valerie.)

Treats on the Internets

Paws up:  The Cleveland Co shelter in NC has removed its gas chamber.  Paws down:  Despite an additional $200,000 allotted for the shelter in the new county budget, the county expects to continue killing healthy/treatable animals.  (Thank you Clarice for the link.)

Petty vindictiveness from PETA and the state vet board threaten lifesaving efforts in TX shelters.  (Thanks Clarice.)

Anyone know if MSN went into effect today in Macon, GA?  I haven’t seen anything in the news about it since it was passed by the city council last year.  MSN is a proven failure and has never ended or significantly reduced the killing of shelter pets anywhere it’s been tried.  (Thanks Valerie.)

Reader Lisa reports that her organization Hospets, which helps keep pets with hospice patients and senior citizens needing assistance, is halfway to its fundraising goal to build a physical shelter for pets whose owners are temporarily hospitalized.  (Thanks Lisa for the link.)

An alligator in FL used a pedestrian crosswalk to cross the street to an adjacent pond.  Good gator, no ticket.  (Thanks Valerie.)

This small wild cat is totally on to your hidden camera shenanigans.  Note:  I suggest waiting to watch this vid until you are someplace it won’t matter if you start giggling like a schoolgirl.  (Thanks Valerie.)

Treats on the Internets

A tragic story about a cat in NJ who was severely injured after being tortured by a group of children, saved by other kids, then turned away by every public facility that could have helped him.  The cat suffered for 2 days before finally being euthanized by a vet.  (Thank you Karen for the link.)

The Young-Williams Animal Center in TN killed more than 100 cats in response to a panleukopenia outbreak.  The CEO blames the virus on the pound’s open admission status but doesn’t mention what, if any, measures the facility takes to avoid and minimize exposure.  (Thank you Luke for the link.)

An article centered on transporting homeless dogs from the south to the north which fails to mention why that sucks and gets everything else wrong too.  (Thanks Valerie for the link.)

The Humane Society of Fremont Co in CO announced it will no longer be paying its board of directors.  Hopefully that money will be put into lifesaving efforts.  (Thanks Davyd.)

Henry Co AC in GA is somehow quarantining an entire neighborhood for 31 days after several rabid raccoons and foxes were found in the area.  (Thanks Valerie.)

Never mind the bird predation hysteria (billions and billions!) from feral cat haters, the US government killed 4 million animals, mostly birds, last year under the guise of eradicating threats from wildlife.

Treats on the Internets

A second dog owner has filed a $1 million lawsuit against the Fort Worth vet accused of keeping pets alive for medical experiments after their owners signed euthanasia forms.  The dog, a chihuahua named Hercules, was found at the clinic at the time of the police raid, months after the owner had requested euthanasia to end the dog’s suffering.  After the raid, two other vets recommended euthanasia for Hercules and the owners consented.  (Thanks Arlene for the link.)

The long troubled Humane Society of Fremont County in CO is looking for a new executive director which hopefully signifies meaningful reform at the facility.  (Thanks Davyd for the link.)

A TN woman who operated a business training dogs as service animals has been charged with 12 cruelty related counts after police found starving dogs living in cages inside a filthy barn.  40 living dogs were seized and 37 bags containing decomposed dog carcasses were found as well.  (Thanks Arlene.)

The kind of thing we like to read:  Denver police officer stops traffic, issues a radio bulletin to other officers and gives owner a ride in his patrol car to save loose dog.  (Thanks Davyd.)

Another tool in the toolbox:  The No Kill Advocacy Center has posted a 20 page document on The Myth of Pet Overpopulation.  Share it online or print it out for sharing with your local officials and anyone else you think might benefit from the information.

Photo of the week:  Fox lines up at an ATM in England, nobody bats an eye.

Updated: Treats on the Internets

Two dogs who were picked up by the lone ACO for the city of Kenedy, TX died overnight six days later.  Animal advocates have alleged abuse at the city facility, which has a 5% adoption rate, but the ACO says the city has “adequate” amounts of food and water for the dogs, therefore the allegations are moot.

An Avondale, AZ ACO was arrested after witnesses called 911 to report the on duty, uniformed officer allegedly driving drunk in his city vehicle.  The ACO has been placed on administrative leave.  (Thanks Clarice for the link.)

The pound in Surry Co, NC has put someone new in charge and is now opening its doors to rescues.  A group recently drove from VA, where shelter pets are also killed, to take a couple dozen dogs from Surry Co.

The city of Amarillo, TX has been plagued with allegations of cruelty by pound workers, including disturbing video evidence which has surfaced online.  This week, the city council proposed two amended ordinances to give pound employees increased ability to charge citizens with cruelty.  Anyone minding the store?

Miami area high school students studying to be veterinary technicians find homes for 500 dogs a year, preventing the pets from ending up at the pound.  The school is under renovation and students are hoping to place all the dogs currently in residence before they must vacate.  (Thanks Valerie.)

Added:  The former GA shelter director who was convicted of 60 felony counts has been sentenced today by a judge to 25 years in prison (must serve 15 years) and a $30,000 fine.  The fraud and theft felonies are related to the “Lucky Dog” scam in which she pocketed donations to keep pets alive and then killed the animals.

Treats on the Internets

The convenience killing of 5 pups at the Surry Co pound in NC, whom rescuers were given less than an hour to save, prompted one rescuer to address the county commissioners and demand the firing of the pound’s director.  (Thanks Teresa for the link.)

A video (which I have not watched) reportedly shows an Indiana police officer abusing a police dog.  The officer, who has not been named, was placed on administrative leave while the police department investigates itself.  (Thanks Clarice for the link.)

A Louisiana police officer reportedly handcuffed a dog owner on a trespassing charge in a parking lot and as the man lay on the ground, shot his dog to death.  The friendly dog had been tied to a fence in the parking lot and there was at least one additional witness to the killing.  The police department is investigating itself.  (Thanks Clarice.)

Jerky treats, imported from China, have reportedly sickened or killed more than 5600 pets to date, mostly dogs.  Now 3 humans have gotten sick from the treats.  The FDA continues to allow the treats to be sold.  My advice:  Do not feed jerky treats to your pets. Don’t touch them. Don’t leave them where someone else might touch them. Don’t even look at them.  (Thanks Arlene for the link.)

A stray pitbull in DeKalb Co, GA waited with high school kids at a bus stop and when the school bus arrived, boarded the bus and took a seat, refusing to leave.  His story made it on the local news and someone adopted him.  (Thanks Valerie for the link.)

Delightfully drawn sloth (non)facts

Treats on the Internets

GA – The Moultrie Colquitt County Humane Society killed most of its 40 dogs in response to a single case of distemper.  Second Chance Animal Rescue in Cairo also killed dozens of dogs due to distemper concerns.  The Albany Humane Society however had two confirmed distemper cases and opted to quarantine and treat dogs, euthanizing just one dog so far.

Update on the Fort Worth, Texas veterinarian accused of stealing pets from clients who thought they were being euthanized:  The vet claims he did not euthanize one of the dogs because he was “too busy”, and that he’s a hoarder.  The vet’s license is currently suspended and his clinic closed.  The resident animals have been transferred to another vet hospital.  (Thanks Arlene and Clarice for the links.)

GA – The Savannah-Chatham Metropolitan Animal Control Shelter doesn’t adopt animals to the public, instead relying on rescue groups to get animals out of the pound and into homes. But the pound effectively slowed adoptions to a crawl on February 28 when it placed severe restrictions on rescuers. In 2013, the pound’s kill rate was 60%. Since shutting out rescuers, the kill rate is unknown and the county refuses to tell. (Thanks Clarice for the link.)

TX – A Rains County deputy responding to a burglary call last month shot the family dog, claiming she tried to attack him.  A necropsy showed the dog was shot in the back of the head.  The deputy has since been fired and charged with animal cruelty.  (Thanks to everyone who sent me this story.)

In the aftermath of the botched execution of a prisoner in OK: Drug cocktail in US executions banned from use on animals, says report

Who I want to sound like:  The one in the basket.  Who I actually sound like:  The upside down one on the branch.  (Thanks Arlene for the link.)

Treats on the Internets

Update on the Franklin Co pound in OH where allegations of oops-killings of dogs who had adopters waiting, dogs left to suffer without vet care for days, and dogs killed for behavior who had never been touched or let out of the cage resulted in the county investigating itself.  The director, who worked for the pound for nearly 15 years, has been fired.  (Thanks Arlene for the link.)


A man with Alzheimer’s who has lost nearly all his speech still talks to the family dog.  In this country, our animal shelter system needlessly kills dogs just like this one every day.  How would this dog fare in your local shelter?


The value of webcams:  An employee of a MA dog boarding facility was caught on a webcam beating a young dog who wanted to play out in the rain instead of returning to his indoor kennel.  The man has since been charged with animal cruelty.  Warning:  I did not watch the vid attached to the story so don’t know if it contains any violence but the print article’s description of the abuse is difficult to read.  (Thanks Arlene for the link.)


A man whose dog died went to a rescue group’s adoption event in Kennewick, WA and found a new pet.  He told the local news:

“His eyes touched my soul, my heart, and it was just time to give him a home.”

How many dogs whose eyes would have touched someone’s soul have been sent to the landfill by your local shelter director?  (Thanks Mary for the link.)


We’ll be hearing from these two again no doubt, and not in a good way.


Fave thing of the week:  Thai life insurance commercial.  (Thanks mikken for the link.)

Treats on the Internets

Two Canon City, CO police officers opened fire on a dog after one of the officers was “attacked”, but sustained no injury, during a response to a domestic violence call.  The dog later died at a veterinary clinic.  The police press release about the killing thanked other first responders for their assistance with the call:

“Without their help, this incident may not have gone as well as it did.”

(Thanks Davyd for the link.)


The Klamath Humane Society in OR is another facility that changed its name in recent years to bypass the common misconception among animal lovers that HSUS provides their funding. Now called the Klamath Animal Shelter, a spokesman explained to a local paper that the name was changed “because the National Humane Society provides no money for homeless pets.”


In the Caucasus Mountains, researchers find sheepdogs aren’t so much keeping the wolves at bay as they are chatting them up, inviting them in for drinks and let’s see where the night takes us.


France moves towards legal recognition of pets as “sentient, living beings”, a change from their current status as “personal property”.  (Thanks Arlene for the link.)


Fave read of the week: Excerpts from the essay “Why Look at Animals?” which examines the relationship between humans and animals over time.  (Thanks Valerie.)


Magical photographs of snails.  Yes, magical.

Treats on the Internets

What is your local shelter doing to prepare for kitten/puppy season this spring when shelters are hit with very high intake levels?  The Washington Co shelter in VA is emptying out its facility in advance by offering free adoptions for a month.  Awesome.

In Newnan, GA, a retired couple has fostered more than 100 dogs during the past 2 years for the local pound because they say they have the time, space, resources and desire to save lives.  Gee, wouldn’t it be great if the local pound director adopted that same attitude?

A NC shelter dog being shipped to ME was lost by the transport company when she wriggled free from her collar.  The dog was found injured 2 days later.  The new owners were cited by ME state police for allowing the dog to run across I-95.  (Thanks Clarice for the link.)

Diamond Pet Foods has settled a class action lawsuit brought by owners whose pets were sickened and/or died after consuming Diamond products tainted with salmonella in 2012.

Spotted salamander porn – NSFW.  (Courtesy of Valerie, because where else would I get this stuff?)

Headline of the week, posted on April 1st no less (but apparently not a joke):

La. state senator opposes anti-cockfighting bill, saying it hurts legitimate ‘chicken boxing’

Mercifully the state senate took the issue seriously and refused to support Senator Guillory’s claim that chicken boxing is just like human kickboxing. Guillory’s proposed chicken boxing exemption was defeated 29 – 8. Also: chicken boxing. (I had to say it one more time because obviously.)


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