The Spirit of the Season

In addition to Kapone’s return to his family, a couple of other stolen dogs have been returned to their homes this week.

A seizure alert dog named Bella was returned to the epileptic infant she helps in San Diego.  Police are investigating the possibility that an ex-girlfriend of the baby’s father stole Bella out of spite.  The tipster who called in Bella’s whereabouts refused the reward.

A Pitbull was stolen from a MA dog pound nearly two months ago.  His owners live in CT.  This week, he was returned to an ACO at the pound by two women requesting anonymity who said they wanted the dog to be home with his family for Christmas.  They refused the reward.  Look at the Lexus sized bow the pound put on this dog for the reunion!

(Thank you Arlene for sending me these stories.)

Have you seen any other stories about people doing the right thing for pets this week?

UPDATED: BOLO – Columbia, SC Stolen Dog


Columbia, SC – Scotty Johnson has a landscaping business and takes his 11 year old dog Kayla to work with him every day.  On Saturday, he left his truck running with Kayla asleep inside while doing some work at a residence.  The truck was stolen and now Mr. Johnson is heartbroken:

“She is so special,” said Johnson. “I mean, I talk to her. I know it’s stupid. But she understands everything I say. If she can’t find me, she will run everywhere, trying to find me, just going crazy.”


“She ain’t a dog. She’s my kid, and like I told my wife, it’s like I am letting my daughter down. I left my truck running with her in it. And they’re gone. I let her down,” said Johnson.

The truck has since been located but the trailer with Mr. Johnson’s landscaping equipment was not attached.  And Kayla was nowhere to be found:

If you have any information you are encouraged to call Crimestoppers at 1-888-CRIME-SC. Or you can email News 19 reporter Nate Stewart at: NJSTEWART@WLTX.COM

Update, 3:30pm: There is no happy ending. Kayla has been found dead at the side of the freeway.

Crazy Case in NM

This is a rather strange story about the Heart and Soul Animal Sanctuary in NM who says they received three anonymous phone calls regarding an abused Yorkie at the Bureau of Land Management offices in Santa Fe.  Someone from the sanctuary went to the location and was captured on video surveillance removing the dog from a partially enclosed outdoor area of the facility.

The dog’s owner, a maintenance man at the Bureau of Land Management, took the dog (called Crazy) to work with him every day.  The owner had left him tied in the outdoor area briefly and returned to find him gone.  He called authorities, suspecting Crazy had been stolen.

Video surveillance of that event was published on The New Mexican‘s website Oct. 2 along with a news article. After it was clear from interviews that the dog was not abused, police say a friend of the bagman contacted law enforcement.

At that point, the dog, “Crazy” had already been placed for adoption with a family from Denver. That family, when informed about the mishap, offered the dog’s owner, Hector Gardea-Romero, $2,500 for the dog. He declined.

Police say no evidence exists that the dog was ever abused and their call for the public to respond with tips regarding the dog’s abuse has gone unanswered.  Crazy and owner are now reunited.  The sanctuary owner and the employee who took the dog are charged with larceny.

The sanctuary owner drove to the sheriff’s office to discuss the case Thursday in a vehicle carrying 15 dogs.  While she was inside, a local TV reporter notified AC that dogs were in distress in a vehicle at the sheriff’s office parking lot.  AC showed up, found the temperature inside the vehicle was 111 degrees, and seized the dogs.  One of the seized pups had a body temperature of 107 according to the sheriff.  Natalie Owings, the sanctuary owner, now faces 15 counts of misdemeanor cruelty in addition to the theft charge:

Depending on the money value placed on the stolen pet, the larceny charge can range from a petty misdemeanor to a fourth-degree felony, but jail time isn’t likely for Owings or her co-worker as neither has a criminal record. The animal neglect charges are all petty misdemeanors and would each carry a $50 fine.

Following the news story on the case (nope, it’s not over yet), several area residents whose dogs have gone missing phoned up the sheriff wondering if their pets could have been stolen by this sanctuary.  AC officers visited the rescue yesterday to take photos and scan pets for microchips in an effort to sort things out.

Stay tuned.

Stolen Puppy for Sale?

Border Wars has a post about someone claiming to have stolen a mixed breed puppy and advertised her on Craigslist for $125. Although I have no way of verifying the story, I do hope police will look into the matter. If it is true that the pup was stolen, let’s hope she is returned to her rightful owners and that police take the crime seriously. If it turns out to be a hoax, dude – not funny.


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