Work in Progress: List of Open Admission Shelters in NH

In response to some unsupported claims I’ve seen online about New Hampshire being a “no kill state”, I have endeavored to compile a list of every open admission shelter in the state and the 2012 kill rate for each. If I am able to compile such a list, it can serve as a reference for those wanting to see documentation of how New Hampshire’s open admission shelters are doing.

I need your help. Please take a look at what I’ve got so far and let me know if there are any errors. I also need additions for the open admission list.  If anyone knows of any NH open admission shelters not yet on the list, please leave a comment. If you have any pet advocate contacts in NH, please share the open admission list with them and ask if they know of any other open admission shelters.  I am hoping to make it a comprehensive list for accuracy’s sake.

Open admission shelters in NH -  These shelters accept all animals in need.  They may require an appointment for owner surrenders but there is no waiting list.

1.  Upper Valley Humane Society
300 Old Route 10
Enfield, NH 03748

(603) 448-6888

Open admission statement and 2012 stats here.

11.5% kill rate in 2012.


2.  New Hampshire SPCA
PO Box 196
Stratham, NH 03885

Phone: 603-772-2921

Open admission claim here.

Most recent stats:  2011 (Note: Although these are Asilomar stats, the NH SPCA failed to categorize any of the animals killed in 2011 so it’s unclear from this report whether any of those animals were healthy/treatable.)

Current stats requested 9-22-13, response not yet received.


3.  New Hampshire Humane Society
PO Box 572
Laconia, NH 03246

(603) 524-3252

Open admission statement here.

Current stats requested 9-22-13, response not yet received.


4.  Conway Area Humane Society
P.O. Box 260
Conway, NH  03818-0260


No specific open admission claim but the website gives the impression they are.

Current stats and admission status requested 9-22-13, response not yet received.


Limited admission shelters in NH -  These shelters have waiting lists at some or all times for pet surrender and they may decline to accept animals in need.  I have added them simply for informational purposes:

Animal Rescue League of NH

Cocheco Valley Humane Society

Concord Merrimack Co SPCA

Franklin Animal Shelter

Manchester Animal Shelter

Lakes Region Humane Society

Monadnock Humane Society

Salem Animal Rescue League


Humane Society for Greater Nashua  (Admission status and current stats requested 9-22-13, response not yet received.)

Pre-Announcement Announcement

I was going to wait until I had more info to share, such as a name and other important items, but I am too happy to wait.  So this is the pre-announcement announcing the arrival of a new beagley family member, who will be announced in more detail in an upcoming announcement.

This little girl was in a catch and kill pound which allows someone in to photograph dogs.  The photographer then sends out an e-mail with the pictures and that e-mail gets forwarded by various pet advocates.  Someone forwarded me the e-mail containing the beagle pic one week ago and with the help of some people I’ve never met, the dog was pulled, fostered and transported to within 90 minutes of me.  I picked her up yesterday.

The ride home.  Those toenails were trimmed shortly after arrival.

The ride home. Those toenails were trimmed shortly after arrival.

Her bones are sticking out, half her tail got left somewhere at some point and she looks generally like she’s been through the wringer.  But she is as gentle and sweet as can be.  She’s been sleeping in one of the beagle beds like she has never slept before in her life.  She’s only gotten up when it’s time to eat or to go out and potty.  We have a vet appointment today for a tune-up and an all points inspection.  You can count on seeing an update on this gal very soon.

Thank you so kindly to everyone who sent me beagles in need.  And of course to those who helped me get this sweet dog home.


I have always depended on the kindness of strangers. – Tennessee Williams, A Streetcar Named Desire

Baby’s Got a Brand New Bed

Thanks to some caring pet advocates in Memphis, Mama Pibs has a super comfy bed to lie on tonight.  I loves me some irresponsible public.  Damn!

Sweet dreams.


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